6 Sept 43

Company moved to an assembly area in woods opposite side of strip.  Pvt Rivas was found dead in his foxhole, apparently the victim of a grenade.  T/4 Tsigonis also received a bullet wound in the left leg during the previous night.


Searching parties located Pfc Flood and he was evacuated along with other wounded and injured.


At 1600 hr the company moved to a new position in 2nd clump of woods to west of Strip, except the 3rd platoon which remained in initial position at Gabsmatasung.

Pvt. Rivas was buried in plot near Reg Aid Stations.


7 Sep 43

Brush fires from previous day swept thru Jump field and most of the 1st Bn parachutes and drop bundles were destrowyed.  Details were sent out to pick up remaining chutes and equipment.


8 Sept 43

No activiy, area was improved and equip. cleaned.


9 Sept 43

No activity.  Capt. Haedicke releived of command.  Lt. Bauch assumed command. SO. of this date notified company T/4 Tsigonis was awarded purple heart.


10 Sept 43

Company received Bn alert order at 1500 hr. Corp. Stark reported to strip and returned to forward base.


11 Sept 43

Company still in same position.  Lt Smith was notified at 1700 hr that the first platoon would leave at 0700 hr the next morning on patrol mission to Camp Ditty.


12 Sept

First plt. moved out at 0700 hr with four meals of �C� rations.  Church services at 1700 hr.


13 Sept43

All available men in Company reported to air strip and unloaded planes.  at 1300 hr. All hands worked.  Grenades and ammo was then turned in to QM, except small arms ammo.  Company marched to new air drome, three miles north at 1630 hr.  Company as broken down to five plane loads.  First plt ret. from patrol.  No enemy action.


14 Sept 43

Company enplanned at 0830 hr and returned to forward base at APO 929


22 Oct 43

Col Kinsler victim of fatal accident.  Burial cermony followed.


1 Nov 43

Most of this Company entitled to wear three medals.  Asiatic-Pacific, with one bronze star.  American Defense and Good Conduct.


2 Nov 43


Usual training about vicinity of Post Moresby.  Problems plus

 small unit training.  The old grind still on.




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