23 Nov 43


Twenty three new men who joined company at New Guinea made and 

equipment jump  no casualities. Night marches and problems re lining us up for a mission on Cape Glouster, New Britain Island much speculation and excitement moral runs high and the men have never been more eager or in better shape.


11 Dec 43

Regimental Formation for presentation of Decorations won in the Nadzab operation      'A' company drew a blank with the execption of Tsigonis who received purple heart.  thru the marksmenship of Lt. Fife who took him for a Jap.


25 December 43

Our second Christmas oversea and all was dreary despite the Turkey, for the Cape Glouster jump had fallen thru and we felt neglected and absued by the fate   Won�t  we ever jump again?


31st Dec 43

New Years Eve eventful only because of its beign pay day�the price of whikey astounding and outrageous up to 20 pound per bottle for scoth.

Training had been slacked off in the past weeks to morning session only---we had finally learned that one can�t train eight hours a day in the tropics with no mission in sight the general enthusiasm was low.


6 Jan 44

Regimental problems begin again with one of 26 miles to last three days.

Smoko and jungle living became part of our life.  the men can hole up anyplace and any time and make themselves dry and comfortable ��Well almost comfortable.


25 Jan 44

Embarked aboard Liberty Ship John Carroll for Cairns Qld.  The enthusiasm is unbounded visions of cold drinks, girls who have been left behind. and thick Aussie style steak and eggs glowed so sily before each man�s eyes.  At least we were tohave a break.


27 Jan 44

Cairns hove in sight and we disembarked at 1420 hr. loaded on trucks and arrived in Gordonvale and started to set up camp. At 1945 we loaded back on the trucks.  back to Cairns back on ship and sailed away.  Probably the fastest Dean Emb on record.  It seems the Aussies raised hell because we would bring malaria into the distrcit.  so we left with rumors flying Sydney, Melbourn and even Adalaid were thought to be our destination.  But nobody really cared as about 95% were drunk due to the generosity of Gordonvale well wishers.


2 Feb 44

The John Carroll landed at Brisbane QLD. and we rode by truck to camp Cable about 35 miles from Brisbane.  This camp was the old 32 Div camp area and for once we walked into a well set up area.  Plus a PX  Our life for the next two months was a dream. Ice cream coca cola, beer three day pases furloughs women and rest.  Training was not emphasized except for the new men who were given the works. equip. jumps, rifle range and until we left this place, they worked.


5 April

Company has been alerted for two days and on the am of the 5th we entrucked for Logen Village and went by train to Brett�s Warf where we boarded the US Transport Sea Cat bound for Parts unknown.  rumors said everywhere under the sun.



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