2 March 43

Organization Day observed; On year this date the Regiment was activated.


18 march 43

"Happy Valley" It was one of the two most toughest hikes of this company. Starting March 18 and ending on the morning of March 20. It will be remembered for the reasons of; the march began with the breaking up of our bivouac area at 0800hr. the march starting at 10000hrs.  Chow at noon dropped by plane into high trees and we had no dinner or supper. The trail became harder to travel on because of mud from rains which now begand and darkness set in which caused a constant stumbling over rocks, not to mention the fording of small rivers and creeks. Good shoes became bad ones and dogs became tired dogs.  The company reached Happy Valley two miles out of Babinda, Qld. at 0200 hr.  Happy Valley was the promised land and every break in the skyline was speculated as our destination.


The medics deserved credit.  T/4 Ted White, Pfc. Shuffet and others.


1 April 43

Captain Haedicke on trip to New Guinea for reconnaissance of jungle tactics.  Much valuable information was gained.  He returned April 21 43.


9 May 43

S/Sgt Gartram left for New Guinea. Returned 24 May to give company EM veiw of situation and tell his experiences.

31 May 42

Mareeba Problem NO. 1 with jump on White field.  Named after one of the enlisted men of the regiment who was killed on a jump


11-14 July

Mareeba Problem NO 2 Enplanning at Mareeba QLD. and jumping with full equipment in the area of Mount Garnet.  Field littered with rock and scattered trees.  Few injuries.


17 July 43

Preparation for regiment to move to forward base at Port Moresby, New Guinea.  Embarked on ship TSMV Duntroon, and Aussie vessel.


20 July 43

Disembarked at 1600hr. Distance 450 miles by water.  The company set up camp 17 and one half miles south of Moresby.




4 Sept 43

Alert order received by Company at 1400hr.  Bn field order received 2000hr  Schedule consisted of orientation of mission to platoons and preparation for move.


5 Sept 43

At 0300 hr. breakfast was served.  Company entrucked by plane loads at 0430 for move to Wards Drome.  Arrived at 0700.  Due to unfavorable weather take off was delayed until 0830 hr.


Arrived over jump field which was 1 1/2 miles from objective at 1030 and all six planes landed in close proximity to jump field successfully.


Area between objective, Nadzab Strip, and jump field consisted of tall

Kunei grass and thick woods making progress very slow and tiring.  Company did not assemble at original assembly area but majority of Company assembled on edge of woods which is just west of strip.  A trail was cut thru these woods and �a� company reaced NE edge of strip at 1530 hr.  The company ;then took defensive positions alon the woods which was along NE edge of Strip and put out Booby traps.


T/5 E.R. Nelson, Pfc Toumnen and Pfc Flood were injured in the jump.

S/Sgt Betz had not yet reported to Company scince the jump

No enemy encountered on jump.

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