59th Coast Artillery Regiment
(Harbor Defense)


Organization and Assignments




Regimental HQ C1/G1 Station, C1/G1 Tunnel (HD and Groupment 1 Primary Fire Control Station), Ft. Mills
Regimental C.O. Col. Paul D. Bunker (concurrent C.O. Seaward Defense Command).
Regimental X.O. (1) Col. Dorsey J. Rutherford (until reassigned C.O. Corregidor Provisional Regiment).
  (2) LCol. Valentine F. Foster (until reassigned Ft. Hughes Fort Commander and C.O. 3rd Battalion).
  (3) LCol. Dwight D. Edison).
HQ & HQ Battery C1/G1 Station, C1/G1 Tunnel
C.O. Capt. Joseph L. McCarthy
Regimental Band Probably at C1/G1 Tunnel
C.O. Capt. Robert G. Cooper
H.Q. at C1/G1 Station, Comprising Batteries A, B, C, & D, plus tactical control over E-60th, manning Battery Way (4-12" mortars) from 9 April.
1st Bn. C.O. LCol Norman B. Simmonds (concurrent Commander Groupment 1 (all major caliber batteries covering North Channel).
H.Q. Battery probably at C1/G1 Tunnel
Battery A: Manning Battery Hearn (1-12" BCLR gun), Ft. Mills, with plotting detachments manning base-end stations at Pucot Hill (Bataan) and Ft. Frank.
C.O. Capt. Samuel McF. McReynolds
Battery B: Manning Battery Crockett (2-12" DC guns), Ft. Mills
C.O. Capt. Herman H. Hauck
Battery C: Manning Battery Wheeler (2-12" DC guns), Ft. Mills
C.O. Capt. Harry Schenk
Battery D: Manning Battery Cheney (2-12"DC guns), Ft. Mills.
C.O. Capt George E. Steiger
NOTE: Near dawn 6 May 1942, Batteries B, C, D and H were ordered to form up as infantry to reinforce 4th marines fighting east of Malinta Tunnel.
H.Q.: at Ft. Drum, comprising Batteries E, F and H.
2nd Bn. C.O.: LCol Lewis S. Kirkpatrick (concurrent Ft. Drum Fort Commander).
H.Q. Battery: At Ft. Drum
C.O.: Capt. Ben E. King
Battery E: At Ft. Drum, manning Batteries Wilson, Marshall (2-14" TM guns each), Roberts & McRae (2-6" CM guns each), Hoyle (1-3" RF gun) and Exeter (2-3" AA guns):
  Plus detachment from A-60th ("Albany") manning AA searchlights;
  Plus detachment from Co.M, 4th Marines manning AA and beach defense machine guns.
C.O. Capt. Samuel A. Madison
Battery F: Manning Battery Smith (1-12"BCLR gun), Ft. Mills.
C.O. Capt. Donald R. Snoke
Battery H: Manning Battery Geary (8-12" mortars), Ft. Mills.
C.O. (1) Capt. Ben E. King, until reassigned C.O. Hq Btry 2nd Bn.
  (2) Capt. Thomas W. Davis III
H.Q.: at Ft. Hughes, comprising Batteries G, I & K.
3d Bn. C.O.: LCol Valentine F. Foster (concurrent Fort Commander and Groupment 2 Commander [all major batteries covering South Channel).
H.Q. Battery: at Ft. Hughes
C.O.: 1Lt. Charles E. Roper
Battery G: At Ft. Hughes, manning Batteries Gillespie (1-14" DC gun), Woodruff (1-14" DC gun), Leach (2-6" DC guns), Hooker (1-155mm gun), Williams (2-155mm guns) and Fuger (2-3"RF guns).
C.O. Capt. Malcolm O. Petrie
Battery I: At Ft. Hughes, manning AA Battery Idaho (4-3" AA guns).
C.O. Capt. Stockton D. Bruns
Battery K: Searchlight battery at Ft. Mills, manning fixed 60" Searchlights Nos, 1 thru 8, plus a number of 60" and 30" mobile seacoast searchlights.
C.O. Capt. Frederick J. Gerlich.




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