91st Coast Artillery Regiment
Philippine Scouts
(Harbor Defenses)


Organization and Assignments


Regimental HQ Probably at the North Shore Road Tunnel between Rock Point and Cape Corregidor
Regimental C.O. Col. Joseph P. Kohn (concurrent Groupment 4 Commander [all medium caliber batteries covering North Channel plus Mine Command])
Regimental X.O. Maj. Floyd A. Mitchell
HQ & HQ Battery: At Unit Command Station No. 10, Ft. Mills, with a 10-man detachment assigned to Ft. Frank.
C.O.: (1) Capt. Bert B. Backstrom (until transferred to Battery B).
  (2) Maj. Lawrence A. Bosworth


C.O.: LCol Carl E. Englehart (concurrent Mine group Commander).


H.Q.; at Unit Command Station No. 10.
C.O.: Maj. Robert F. Haggerty (concurrent Mine Group X.O.).
Battery A: Mine Planter Battery controlling outer minefield between Corregidor and Cochinos Point, Bataan. C.P. at Primary Fire Control Station at M'W, south of Battery Hanna. Additionally manned Battery Stockade (2-155mm guns) at Middleside, overlooking Engineer Dock. Had tactical command over 60-inch Searchlight No. 3 at Cheney ravine, about 100 yds south of M'W.
C.O.: Capt. Richard A. Smith
Battery B: Manned Batteries Roock Point (2-155mm guns), James (4-3" guns) commanded by 1Lt. Amadeo S. Garcia, 1st CA (PA), and Hanna (2-3" guns) commanded by Capt. Albert E. Durie. One 155mm gun from Rock Point later relocated as Roving Battery Ek, commanded by 1Lt. Karl L. Ek, Rock Pt. No. 1 gun Commander.
C.O.: (1) Capt. William H. Owen, Jr. (until wounded in action 14 Aprril 1942.)
  (2) Capt. Bert B. Backstrom
Battery C  
(1) Late 1941 to 25 Dec 1941: assigned to Ft. Wint, Grande Island as AA Battery "CEBU" (4-3" AA guns) and also train Phil. Army units as AA Batteries.
(2) 25 to 29 December 1941: (evacuated Wint with all armament, attached to 2nd Bn. 60th CA and initially assigned AA defenses near Dinalupihan, Bataan.
(3) 29 Dec. to 6 Feb 1942: assigned AA defenses Bataan Field.
(4) 6 Feb to 8 April, 1942: assigned AA defenses, Mariveles, Bataan.
(5) 8 April, 1942: ordered return to parent organization, Ft. Mills.
(6) 9 April, 1942: returned to Ft. Mills less armament: assigneed to man Battery Morrison (2-6" disappearing guns) on Morrison Hill, facing Bataan. Fired counterbattery until put out of action the same day.
(7)10 to 15 April, 1942: Assigned to man Battery Grubbs (2-10" disappearing guns) at Topside until put out of action 15 April, 1942.
(8) 15 April to 6 May, 1942 Assigned to mqan two 155mm field artillery pieces in vicinity of Herring Field, Middleside, named "battery Gulick" after its Battery C.O.; one gun disabled by muzzle burst when first fired but second gun was in action until surrender at noon, 6 May, 1942.
C.O.: Capt. John McM. Gulick.
Battery D: Manned Battery Sunset (4-155mm guns) between Batteries Smith and Hanna at Topside. Two guns later removed and renamed Roving Batteries Byrne and Wright.
C.O.: Capt. Jerome S. Byrne
X.O. 2Lt. John McN. Wright, Jr.
Battery E ("Ermita"): Manned Battery Ermita (4-3" guns) at Ft. Frank.
C.O.: Maj. Joe C. East
Battery F: Manned Batteries Koehler (8-12" mortars), Crofton (1-14" disappearing gun), and Greer (1-14" disappearing gun) at Ft. Frank. Latter was never fired. Also 3-75 beach defense guns.
C.O.: (1) Capt. Robert J. White, until mortally wounded by muzzle burst at Btry Koehler, 6 February, 1942.
  (2) Capt. John H. Davis, Jr.
Battery G: Controlled inner minefield between Corregidor and Sisiman Pt., Bataan plus a number of beach defense 75mm guns along north shore of Topside and Middleside.
C.P.: At M'E above and behind Battery James.
C.O.: Maj. Erven C. Sommerville
ROVING BATTERY LEHR 2-155mm guns at Topside, Capt. Philip H. Lehr, Battery Commander and C.O. regimental Band.
NOTE: All 155mm guns above were M1917/M1918 GPF on Panama Mounts, except tractor drawn "Roving" Batteries.



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