60th Coast Artillery Regiment
(Harbor Defenses)


Organization and Assignments


Regimental HQ At Malinta Tunnel, Lateral 9 (AA Defence Command HQ)
Regimental C.O. Col. Theodore M. Chase (concurrent C.O. AA Defence Command)
Regimental X.O. LCol. Elvin L. Barr
HQ & HQ Battery: At Malinta Tunnel, Lateral 9
C.O.: Capt. Arthur D. Waid
Regimental Band:  
AA gun and early warning battalion comprising Batteries A, B, C and D.
C.O.: (1) LCol. Arnold D. Amoroso
  (2) Maj. Leslie G. Ross
HQ Battery:  
Battery A ("Albany"): Searchlight and radar Battert, with CP located at west Defence Station on Morrison Hill. One section each assigned AA SL defenses at Forts Hughes and Drim.
Armament: 9 - 60" mobile searchlights
  9 - Sound locators
  4 - SCR-268 Radar sets, only two operational; one behind Battery Wheeler, the second near the civilian cemetery.
Battery B ("Boston"): Gun battery at Topside Gun Park near Battery Wheeler.
Armament: 4 - 3" M3 guns
  2 - .50 cal. AA MG.
C.O.: Capt. Arthur E. Huff
Battery C ("Chicago"): Gun Battery at Morrison Hill, behind Battery Morrison.
Armament: 4 - 3" M3 guns
  1 - .50 cal. AA MG
  4 - .30 cal. AA MG, plus:
  4 - .50 cal. AA MG manned by a platoon from Btry Indiana.
C.O.: Capt. Godfrey R. Ames
Battery D ("Denver"): Gun battery at top of Wilson Park Ridge, a.k.a. "Denver Hill".
Armament: 4 - 3" M3 guns
C.O.: (1) Capt. Benson Guyton, until reassigned X.O. 1st Bn 1 May, 1942.

(2) Capt. Paul R. Cornwall, from 1 May, 1942.



AA gun and early warning battalion comprising Batteries E, F, G and H. This Bn., less Btry H was initially ordered to Mariveles, Bataan 2 December, 1941. Battery C-91st ("Cebu") was attached after 25 December, 1941 until 9 April, 1942 when the battalion and C-91 was ordered to return to Ft. Mills.
C.O.: LCol. Howard E. C. Breitung
Battery E ("Erie"): Searchlight and Radar battery, initially assigned to Bataan; manned 12-inch mortars of Battery Way on return to Ft. Mills, 9 April, 1942, less one section assigned to man 30 - inch "roving" seacoast searchlights.
Armament: (In Bataan) 10 - 60" mobile searchlights
                      1 - SCR-268 Radar Set
C.O.: Major William Massello
Battery F ("Flint") Gun battery at Topside, in front of Battery Cheney.
Armament: 3 - 3" M3 guns (originally 4 guns until one gun was transferred to Btry Globe.
C.O.: Maj. Robert D. Glassburn
Battery G ("Globe") One battery at Topside Golf Course
Armament: 3 - 3" M3 guns, including one from Flint (original armament was abandoned in Bataan).
C.O.: Capt. AAron A. Abston
Battery H ("Hartford") Gun battery at Middleside, in front of Battery Ramsay.
Armament: 4 - 3" M3 guns
  4 - .30 cal. AA MG
C.O.: Capt. Warren A. Starr
AA machinegun battalion comprising Batteries I, K, L and M. Hq at Morrison Hill, later transferred to Ramsay Ravine.
C.O.: Maj. George H. Crawford
HQ Battery:  
C.O. Capt. Harold W. Wright
Battery I ("Indiana"): CP at Way Hill
Armament: 12 - .50 cal. MG, plus
    6 - .50 cal. MG manned by a platoon from the 4th Marines.
C.O.: Capt. Earl M. Shiley
Battery K ("Kingston"): CP location not yet known
Armament: 12 - .50 cal. MG
C.O.: Capt. Theodore R. Esatow
Battery L ("Lansing"): CP at Geary Point destroyed by bomb on 2 January, 1942, reestablished at Breakwater Point.
Armament: 12 - .50 cal. MG
C.O.: (1) Capt. Alvah H. Hamilton (KIA 2 January, 1942).
  (2) Capt. Kenneth L. Boggs
Battery M ("Mobile") Initially assigned 8 December 1941 to provide AA MG defenses in Manila Port Area, until 26 December when ordered back to Ft. Mills. CP south of Kindley Field.
Armament: 12 - .50 cal. MG, plus
  1 - Navy Quad 1.1" (25mm) automatic cannon atop Malinta Hill, under 1Lt. Stanley L. Friedline
C.O.: Capt. James R. Holmes
During air raids the following AA batteries in the outpost forts were under the tactical command of the AA Defense Command:
Fort Hughes: Battery Idaho (I-59)
Fort Drum Battery Exeter (E-59)
Fort Frank: Battery Ermita (E-91)
NOTES: All gun batteries were equipped with .50 and .30 caliber AA machineguns plus additional MG's and personnel were assigned from the AA MG batteries. However with the exception of Battery Chicago the exact number per battery could not be determined from sources available at this time.



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