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Harvey D.HICKS

Sgt., "A" Company

KIA, Water Tower Hill,  Corregidor  

Sunday 25 February 1945


In Guthrie's book, it is stated that on 25 February "C" Company captured Water Tower Hill. In my opinion it was "A" Company who captuted it. This is where and when Lt. Sullens was killed, Harvey Hicks, James Jordan and Alfred Balliet  were also killed at this time. None of the abovementioned died immediately but they were all so badly wounded that they died. Hicks was in a position with Sullens and had his foot blown off. Sullens was so badly hit that he couldn't move. He was talking but stated that he was unable to be of any help. Jordan was hit real bad in the belly but was able to tell us that he had no further need for his TSMG. Balliet was hit badly in the upper left arm - I'm sure it got into his chest - and I lighted a cigarette for him. I later discovered when I was evacuated to Subic Bay that Balliet had died.

Jerry Riseley
letter to Don Abbott 6 Nov 1990 






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