Datum Point, da·tum,( dadā'təm, dăt'əm, dä'təm) n, singular; a reference point of known or assumed coordinates from which calculation or measurements may be taken - a base point used as the main reference station in setting out a grid for recording field survey data.

Floyd C. Cox Collection 1919-1922  
Plans - Report of Completed Works 1920  
The Genesis of Ft. Drum - BG John J. Kingman  
 Joe Monfiletto's Collection (1920's)  
Lt. Frank F. Miter Survives A Storm While At Ft. Drum - 1929  
  History of Fort Drum  
A Soldier - (Poem)  
  A Soldier's Prayer - (Poem)  
  Bob Zinc's Collection - Slideshow 6 images  
  General Orders ( Parody)  
  Engineering Spaces - 1933  
  Crew & Work Spaces - 1933  
  Ordnance Spaces - 1933-1941  
  Jack Miesse' Duty on Drum Collection 1932  
  The Soldier's Wife - (Poem)  
Travelling To The Philippines Via the Panama Canal (1936)  
Manila - Bilibid Prison (1936-37)   
  Port of Manila (1936 - 1937)  
  The Men Who Served - James Kuncken (1937)  
  On Deck -  1936-38    
Captain Ben Ewing King -    
Serving on the Concrete Battleship  
The Assault on Fort Drum - Lt. Perry Reed McMahon  
The Blasting of Fort Drum (YANK Magazine Article, 3 Aug 1945)  
War Comes To Fort Drum - Dec 1941  
"YANK" Magazine August 3, 1945 "The Blasting Of Fort Drum"  

WW II to Now

An individual image of Ft. Drum post WWII provides little evidence of scrapping.  However, through these images of neglect the conclusion is inescapable - there is more happening on Drum that can be attributed to weathering.  
ExO's visit  - January 2002   
  Thomas McGeeney's Visit - January 2005  
  Terry McGovern's Visit - 2006   
  Tony Lydford's Visit - June 2006  
  Charles Griesel Visit - November 2006   
  John Moffitt's Visit - August 2009  SLOW LOAD  
  Model of Fort Drum    

History of 3d Battalion, 59th Coast Artillery  
  Corregidor 1933  
  Miss Manila Carnival (1932)  
  Guns of Corregidor 1932 -  
  Port of Manila (1933)  

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