I climbed the risers and tried to hit the field but the wind was too strong it took me right over the Cliff- As I got close to the ground I took a look--nothing but cliffs, rocks and blown off trees, I looked at the sky line and waited--My thoughts?, --"Oh My Aching Back". just as I hit I hung up, that saved me from going over a steep embankment,-I had a hard time getting out of my harness because I couldn't get the tension off of it, It seemed like it took five minutes to get out chute. all the while I could hear the snap of bullets, I knew weren't Ml's but I didn't know whether they were our carbines or. Nip 25's...Fina1ly I got out of the chute and met some of our platoon coming up the cliff, we had about 250 feet to go up from where I was. It was some climb, the Navy was still tiring at Malinta Hill and A-20' were straffing.
       The second Bn came in about 14.30 The first Bn was not allowed to jump, too many jump casualties. I banged my leg, that all 0. K. now. --The first Bn came in by boat, at about the same time the 34th were making a beach landing.
       We were on the Island for 21 days and took it from tip to tip, we were only supposed to take from Malinta Hill south, or rather west, (half the island) but in the end we went the whole way. That stuff about relief is a lot of bull, 151st Inf came in after it was just about over and relieved the 34th.Mrs Dunning says Bob has seen some sights, he should have been with us. But somehow they don’t bother you, no dreams, in fact on Corregidor I dreamed about, Nuns--Ann--and you Folks.That Blast you heard about was an awful thing, killed a lot of our boys and blew up about 27 nips.--we were told there were about 850 to 1500 nips on the Island. we took 22 prisoners and killed 5200. they did their fighting from caves, there are hundreds of caves on that Island. --Pat got a headache that pounded up the back of his neck, they evacuated him.---They have put in for a -patch for the 503rd, hope we get it. (sketch) --We are back on Mindoro now near where the original landings were made, southwest end.If you want to have me tell you something I can't write, put it in the form of a statment and number it, example 1, you are in New.Guinea, 2 Leyte, 3 Mindoro. I answer that third statement in your letter of Feb xth, is a good idea or is correct , They do not censor your letters (Air Mail)  This should brine you up to date.Your 1eters have been arriving 0. K. all of them, but no packages as yet. ----Dad, if you could get me a 45 pistol it would come in very handy, also a shoulder hoister. if you do pack it in a tin box good so it will look like anything but a pistol. The boxes take an awful beating and arrive in awful condition.--*In reference to the clipping,(A)is cliff I went over, landed about 250 feet down it, came back up picked up ammunition and started to go around the edge of the field, drew too much fire, went back and crossed jump field, our Bn command post was lighthouse-(C) I was up there watched bombing and straffing from there, at (B) Pat and I spent three or four nights in the corner room. (D) is old tank we found some water in. I was on top of that. at (E) we spent two nights on perimeter guard watching the path between the tanks. Those buildings were officer quarters in the old days. (F) is where Pat landed, that white line into the corner is a concrete trench up to a large gun position Jars were in there. --On about the fourth day Pat and I were getting a chute to sleep in, they were working on hill on left side of picture (Just outside) Navy was firing from along the shore., at (G) we got pinned down, it was really hot, too damn close. * Think I have told you everything. it is most possible I’m in that picture.




With reference to map picture.

       While we were at (5) there was a large explosion in the main tunnel, smoke and flame shot up into the air 75 to 100 feet high, and noise we thought we were going to have Malinta Hill on our heads. Main caves in Malinta Hill are marked (=====(==) ===)at (3) there was Regt Hdq and hospital (no I wasn't in the hospital) That bad blast was at Monkey Point. Bataan is just above Battery Point.

       Battalion Hdq found a very impressive looking Nip sign and hung it over the door. They found out later it read. 0FFICERS IATRINE ONLY.

       Keep well so we can raise h--- when I get back, it sure will be grand to be home.

       I was working on a platoon Bazooka team for a while, went on mission with the team Thinking it over I have the following ribbons (l) American Theatre of War, (I think, do you know? (2) Pacific Theater of War, (3) Philippine Liberation, (1) Bronze Star 60 days in combat zone, initial landing, (1) Arrowhead initial Parachute lump, Overseas Stripe, We hope the 503rd will get Presidential Citation for the Corregidor Jump, Plus that New Patch.

       Lt. DeRonde has been with the 503rd since it was formed, left N.Y.M.A.to the Paratroops, he has been overseas 29 months, That's a hell of a long time.

       Am trying to get some pictures of Corregidor to send along with DeRonde ---That Coconut I sent you from New Guinea, there is a coconut inside that husk, full of milk and meat,I tried to seal the ends with wax because it you get a break in it, it will either go rotten or sprout shoots and you'll have a tree instead of a nut, think you should shellac it.

       They are taking group pictures of all the boys who jumped on the Rock', by states, I'll have mine taken with N.Y. it will go to Long Island paper, watch for it.

       In one of the envelopes there is a training memorandum, I was going to send it to Mrs Wood, it just might be her husbands handwriting on the top, but it is quite good, typical “Old Army” and I thought you might read it or perhaps copy parts, then if you will have Mother send it on to Mrs Wood, I found it on March 6th.

       I've been adding to this letter for three days, DeRondo leaves on the 16th or thereabouts. We've been doing just about nothing since we got back from the Rock. Don't know how long this will last. We get up at 0700 eat chow, we've been taking an hour hike in the mornings, no equipment, spend most of the day reading or writing, go down to the stream about 1430 stream is so fast that you can’t stand up, we get ice cold coke at the Red Cross at 1600, then chow 1700 after that we g to the field where they have a show (movie) we get there early to get a seat, bring a book or some writing along. A few nights a week Father Powers has Mass at 1800 across the street, we get someone to save our seats and go over to Mass. After the show we usually have a billie coffee, or tea, sometimes corn on the cob from the fields, make our own fires.




          March 15th ,45


Here is a Poem one of the boys in my platoon wrote,



Bunker Hill is still historic,

So's the charge of the Light Brigade.

And theres lots of famous others,

Here’s the latest yet been made.


From the planes they went aleapin,

Never pauseing in the door.

As they hit the Famous Pock pile,

Called Mac's Corregidor:


I know they are remembered,

Deep in American hearts.

The 503rd Paratroops,

I am proud to be a part.


They floated down on bunkers,

Others hit the shell torn trees.

And they knew just what awaited them.

Were the grinning Japanese.


Landing out behind defenses,

Of the dirty Rising Sun.

But on top their shining helmets,

Just to grin and watch em run.


You'll remember all these troopers

From their grim and fierce looks.

Don't forget to mention “Airborne”

As you write those history books.


I know it will be famous,

As the ones of years before.

The 503rd Paratroops.

Jumping on Corregidor


(Bert Hardy)

503rd Parachute Rgt

(Do not rewrite as,


Dad, no changes – It is his as is.


       Miss you all. Almost forgot had a picture taken with the N. Y. group Its a group picture by states of the boys who jumped on Corregidor. It will be sent to hometown paper.

       On the"Flick" we had 186 killed 757 wounded, 2200 of us jumped. 1st Bn 503rd came in on beach about 900 makes 3100 503rd men on the island. In the N. Y. picture I am in the first row about 5th from your right, (what no glasses) DeRonde is last man in 3rd row on right. In first row near center is Joe Gardner, was in 20th A with as at Camp Campbell







       On the Rock one night he and his buddy saw Japs creeping in front of where they were lying down, Joe’s carbine jammed when he tried to fire, other boy couldn't find his, they were going to let the Jap go by (two Japs) but they saw Joe. When he saw he had been discovered he dove for the first Jap, other Jap grabbed the other boy, Jap got Joe's buddy down and was banging a grenade on his head,( Jap grenades you pull pin - thump on a rock to set up powder train then it goes off the next time it hits)Joe killed his Jap with his fists and rocks then rushed over to his buddy and banged the Jap on the head with a rock...He is getting Bronze Star.

       I'm going to have DeRonde put his name on this so you won't think I'm in the states when you see envelope.

       Have a small Pilot Chute, goes on reserve to help pull it out of pack, Think I'll send one to Frankie. I'll have to stop soon or this won’t fit into envelope...Your boxes are so late because we have moved around so much.

       Dad, if you could I wish you would send me a 45 Pistol and a shoulder holster (45 Automatic) It comes in very handy when you get hung up and can't get to your carbine and its handy to have around at night. Originally all troopers were issued 45's but they aren't able to do that now.

       I doubt if cookies would reach here in good condition but they would be nice. How about a fruit cake, a small box seems to arrive in best condition, its the corners that break first. We could use some Tea and can you get any of those canned hot dogs?. Now don't use up all your points. Remember that can of Ginger Bread-had nuts in it?, That would be swellwonder is some cream cheese would make it through the heat, a few oranges now and then would be nice, but perhaps they would spoil...Bad weather over Leyte had held up our mail for the last few days. We have little rain here but when it does it makes up for lost time. Its quite hot here now.

       They had a short at the show the other night, silent pictures, cowboy was shooting it out with Indians——Then you heard Bar'S, Ml's Machine Guns and bombs. ---some battle the boys really got a kick out of it. Also we had a Military Band before the show, really wonderful, to-morrow there will be a dance band before the show.

       Hav'nt heard from Pat as yet, That pocket chess game is a grand idea. I thought I might send a panel of a white chute to Ann.

       Have a piece of my chute from the jump on the Rock, note bullet holes near the top. There were more up higher but the chute was in a tree and I couldn't reach any higher.

       Don't be frightened if there happens to be a little hair between my nose and my upper lip, it started on the Rock, its something to do. I just wanted to see what it would look like, forgive me. I know that there are parts of this letter that you will never be able to read, but I hope it you will be able to read enough to find it interesting.







       On our mission there were miracles by the score I saw one boy with a streamer,( Chute that doesn’t open) ——fall like a rock with his cute streaming after him he fell out of sight behind some tress and with his feet within inches of the ground the reserve popped open -( you come to a dead stop when your chute pens) and he landed 0. K. .....Another boy had his static line break so his main chute never came out of his pack. he pulled his reserve and it was a streamer, but it caught on a tree.--and he was 0. K.God sure jumped with us that day.

       The only two reporters who really know about the 503rd are Smith of the Chicago Sun and Wells of the Chicago Times ,(hell) as you were, its the other way around Smith of the Times and Wells of the Sun...They Jump right with us and you can believe what they say...if they claim it was rough, it was rough.

       If you could send some  photographic paper I could use it....Were you ever able to get a telescope. Don't lose that data on page 13-14 I’ll make a record of it too.

       Page 34, go ahead I dare you to say something about my not telling you much, Now.

       This is very disconnected I know, but I've been writing things down as I think of them.










Pvt Richard J. Adams, Jr. #33745957

Hdq. Co. 3rd Bu,, 503rd Prcht Inf. R.C.T.

A.P.O. 321, % Postmastr,

San Francisco, Cal















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