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THE 1936 CORREGIDOR 1 INCH/200 FT MAP, featuring 5 ft contours. - This is a DIGITALLY DRAWN version of the map as originally prepared by the Corps of Engineers.

The original map on which this is based consisted of three sheets of A0 paper, printed vertically.  Our copy has been professionally drawn in the finest detail as a single *.pdf sheet by our Mapmaster, Martyn Keen to the highest cartographical standards.     

The map is the result of over 500 hours of professional cartographic drafting, one trip to Corregidor, GPS verification, and proofing by a team of its 120,177 elements.

 The map is best viewed as an Adobe Acrobat document. We recommend that the full-size map be professionally printed, due to the size (900mm high and 2157 mm long) of paper required.*) Sections of the map can be printed to suit on any size paper.

Thus you can print any section which might focus upon your  intended interest, and get them laminated for the "next trip" to Corregidor. 

It is difficult for us to extract a single print-screen view, so we have prepared a sample section of Battery Wheeler as a downloadable file.



So what can you do with a digital map? Firstly, as Adobe Acrobat files, they can be used 'on screen' on desktop and laptop computers. You can zoom in to see detail and zoom out to navigate. Set an area of interest to the on screen extent you want and you can print that area on a colour printer.

Secondly, some of the products can be easily printed, particularly the 8 sheet map sets of the 1921 and 1935 maps. These are handy to use while researching documents, following chapters in historical books and for exploring on Corregidor itself. The 8 sheet map sets are inexpensive to print and bind with wire or plastic combs. Both A4 and A3 sheet sizes can be used with A3 producing the best results.

The 1921, 1932 and 1935 full sheet maps can be printed on a plotter. The 1921 and 1935 maps are designed to print on A0 size paper at a scale of 1:6,000.

The 1932 map is specially prepared so that it will print on a plotter that uses a 36 inch wide roll of paper. The resultant plot is 2157mm wide and 892.76mm high (84.92in x 35.43in). The 1921 and 1935 maps will soon be available to take advantage of printing on 36 inch wide paper rolls also. The new edition will be able to be printed at a scale of 1:6,000.

At commercial printers and drawing offices in Australia, AO sheet printing is approximately $15.00AD per sheet. A0 laminating is about $12.00AD (AD is Australian Dollars) per sheet.

Therefore, if you want quality wall maps of Corregidor for 1921 and 1935, the digital maps can be printed and laminated at a reasonable price.

For the ultimate wall map of Corregidor, the 1932 digital map is "THE CORREGIDOR MAP". It was a better drawn product than the later 1936 map. Check who has a plotter that uses 36 inch rolls of paper and see who has a laminating machine, using the same width rolls of film, before starting.

Laminated and bound prints of the 1921 and 1935 8 sheet map sets are great to carry when exploring Corregidor, they don't get grubby, torn and the ink won't run in the tropics.

In view of the limited size of our membership and community, and the author's investment of time and resources in the creation of this map, we must insist that if you acquire the map for your own use, you do it exclusively, and that you will not distribute it, or copies of it to any other person. The donation for this map ITEM#1936-01 is $50.











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 * A viewable print would be 900mm high by 2157mm long (i.e. 2 metres long). The height would be the height of an A0 sheet, but the length would be 2157mm off a roll of paper. 2157mm is a metre longer than A0.