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On our return to Mindoro from Corregidor, a series of photographs was taken of the surviving members of the 503d PRCT. ("Surviving in the sensr that they had not been wounded or injured to the extent that they were evacuated from the unit to hospital.)  We were photographed in our State of Origin groupings. These photographs were published in Harold Templeman's "The Return To Corregido"  and the list is as per Templeman. It is not exhaustive,  and does not include the names of the men of the Medical Detachment, or of our wounded, many of whom we were not to see again.  Some names may even be spelled incorrectly. 

Robert Flynn
Official 503d Historian




 1st Row; L. to R.  Pfc. Crow, Pfc. Blackmore, Pfc. Walton, 1st Sgt. Echols

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Free, Pfc. Perry, Pvt. Osborne, T/Sgt. Rodgers,

Pvt. Cusimano, Sr., Cpl Fisher, Cpl. Graves, Sgt. Clack, 1st Lt. Naftel, Capt. Tait

3rd Row; L. to R. Cpl. Borches, Cpl. Kirk, Cpl. Burnette, 1st Lt. Little, Pfc. Jackson,Pfc. Ellis, Pvt. Centain, T/Sgt. Jackson, Sgt. Davis, Pvt. Isbell.




L. to R. Pfc. Sierra, Pfc. Sanchez, Pfc. Aguayo




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. Jones, Pvt. Pragsdale, Cpl. Duke, Sgt. Parker, Pvt. Gamon,

Pfc. Turner.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Conner, Cpl. Oates, M/Sgt. Peterson




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Smith, Sgt. Arruda, Sgt. Gauthe, T/5 Gibbs, Cpl. Selvia, Cpl.Farley, Cpl. Hoffman, T/5 Hansen, Pvt. Cox, Pfc. Quinone, Pfc. Robertson, Pfc.McDermott, Pfc. Mahan, Sgt. Mouras, Pfc. Ripple.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Skeen, Sgt. Surwald, Pfc. Meehan, Pvt. Brown, Pfc. Heflin, Pfc.Becerra, Sgt. Silvas, Pfc. Reichmuth, Sgt. Carr, Pvt. Kelly, Cpl. Harvey, Pfc. Ramirez,S/Sgt. Webb, Pfc. Galand, Pfc. Predmore, S/Sgt. Alexander, Pfc. Seuss.

3rd Row; L. to R. Cpl. Patterson, Pfc. Novak, Sgt. Hibbert, Pfc. Ries, Pfc. Muzio, Pfc.Cucciarre, Pfc. Torres, Pfc. Hicks, Pvt. Bobrow, Pfc. Neilson, T/Sgt. Doria, Pfc. Lopez,Pfc. Lee, Pfc. Martin, Pfc. Houk Jr., Pvt. Riley, Cpl. Goelz, Sgt. Wilcox, Pfc. Leonard, Pvt.Havey.

4th Row; L. to R. Pvt. Chilelly, Sgt. Hernandez, Pfc. Carmelo, Pfc. Clagett, Pfc. Vratton,Pfc. Quinio, Pfc. Bassolino, Pfc. Clark, Pfc. Maxwell, Pfc. Hanson, Cpl. Weih, Pfc.Messing, Pfc. Kearsley, Pfc. Farris, S/Sgt. Runyon, Pfc. Roper.




1st Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. McCarty, Cpl. Elmont, Pfc. Rodriquez, 1st Lt. Watkins,Pvt. McCown.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Garrity, Pfc. Blevins, Pfc. Alderman, Pfc. Herman, Pvt. Conningham.




1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Marshall, Pfc. Lewis, Pfc. Scheurer, Cpl. Person, Pvt. Hermenze,Pfc. Mosley, Cpl. Jadack, Pfc. Palozie.

2nd Row; L. to R. Cpl. King, Pfc. Kelly, Pvt. Bennett, Pfc. Donlin, S/Sgt. Cough, Pfc.Rabinko, Pf. Brezenski, Pvt. Valante, Pfc. Fioretti.

3rd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Chamberlain Jr., Pfc. Dodge, Pfc. Terris, Pfc. Oloff.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Newson, Pvt. Bailey, Pvt. Fretz, Pfc. Emory.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Pobocinski, Pfc. Joyce, Pfc. Nieradka, Pvt. Hunter, Pfc. Johnson,T/Sgt. Beck.




1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Drummond, S/Sgt. Harrison, Pfc. Bryant, Pfc. Wilcoxson, Cpl.Cone, Pfc. Miller, Sgt. McLean, Pfc. Warnock, Lt. Wilson, Pfc. McCabe.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Sullivan, Pvt. Burnett, Pfc. Yates, Cpl. Musselwhite, Pvt. Pinson, Pfc. Whelpley, Cpl. Shanlaty, Cpl. Hillyer, S/Sgt. Fernandez, T/5 Hammond Jr., Pfc. Goepfert.

3rd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Harper, Lt. Gandee, Lt. Dekle, Capt. Beyer, Capt. Atkins, Pvt. Brooker, Pfc. Booth, T/5 Gray, Pfc. Nelson, Pfc. Fowler, Cpl. Camp.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. Hughes, S/Sgt. Douglas, Cpl. Roberts, T/5 Wilson, Cpl. Cone, Lt.Jackson, Pfc. McKnight, Pfc. Martin, Pvt. Wilson.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Lambert, 1st Sgt. Hindman, Pfc. Culpepper, Pfc. Mooney, Pfc.

Crooms, Cpl. Lubgleg, Pvt. Lane, Pfc. Taylor, Pfc. Moore Jr., Pfc. Johns, Pfc. Heath, Pvt. Heidt, Cpl. Fryer, Cpl. Smith Jr., S/Sgt. Wammock, Pfc. Bunch, Pfc. Doss, Lt. Lord, Lt. Westbrooks.




1st Row; L. to R. Cpl. Catlin, Cpl. Ritter.

2nd Row; L. to R. Lt. Reedy, Sgt. Hibbert, Sgt. Rasmussen, Pfc. Feight.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Zurawski, Pfc. Lezak, Pvt. McDonald, Sgt. Robertson, Pfc. Peterson, Pvt. Eaker, Pfc. Stasica, Pfc. Zillinski, Pfc. Zahery, T/Sgt. Pryde, Pvt. Prindevill, Pfc. Clark, Pfc. Kelley, Sgt. Robinson, Pfc. Landrus, Pfc. Brohman.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Bartlett, Pfc. Henthorn, Pfc. Brewer, Cpl. Harvey, Pfc. Humer, Pfc. Ries, Pfc. Alberson, Pfc. Ottaline, Pfc. Zeman, Pvt. Maupin, Pfc. Brown, Cpl. Lundie, Pvt. Bellamy, Pvt. Keller, Pfc. Clair, Pvt. Pawlowski.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Fetgatter, Pfc. DeMarco, Pfc. Cammarata, Pfc. Easton, Pvt.Jacobson, Pfc. Dieter, Pfc. Iverson, Cpl. Dorsey, S/Sgt. O'Boyle, Pvt. Bobrow, Pfc.Gabory, Pvt. Harris, Cpl. Gonko, Cpl. Stanke, Cpl. Augustine, S/Sgt. Navratil, Pvt. Holt, Pfc. MacLean, Pfc. Griffith, Sgt. Miller, Pvt. Less.

4th Row; L. to R. Capt. Doerr, Capt. Jones, Pvt. Stewart, Cpl. Wallace, T/5 Womack Jr., Pfc. Dines, Cpl. Green, Pvt. DeLaPena, Pfc. Brugnova, Cpl. Pagliught, Cpl. Quane, Pfc. Lindell, Pfc. Wellens, Pvt. Becker, Pfc. Rhea, Pfc. Holbrook, Cpl. Tarka, Pfc. Alexander, S/Sgt. Kopsell.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Savio, Pvt. Kessler, S/Sgt. McCurry, Pvt. Pause, Pfc. Bright, Pfc. Rowe, Pfc. Cox, Pfc. Smith, Pvt. Keller, T/5 King, Cpl. Moore, T/Sgt. Lantis, Pfc. Cockerham.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Bonewitz, Cpl. Bennett, Cpl. Hawkins, Cpl. Jamison, S/Sgt. Hofer, Pvt. Stassin, Pfc. Klooster, Pfc. Mires, Sgt. Bailor, Sgt. Campbell, Pvt. McCann,

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Martin, Cpl. Brautigan, Cpl. Elmont, Pfc. Rhoday, S/Sgt. Ricketts, Pfc. Wagner, Pfc. Bates, Sgt. Nagy, Pvt. Koval, Pfc. Trusty, Pvt. Payton.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Smuth, Pvt. Morgan, Pfc. Heflin, Pfc. Kock, Pfc. Clark, Pfc. Jordan, Pvt. Anderson, Pfc. Lary, Pfc. Ashlack, Pfc. Hissem, Pvt. Swafford.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Williams, Pvt. Arley, Pfc. Six, 1st Sgt. Vance, Pfc. Pickart, Pfc. Shannahan, Pfc. Yoder, Pvt. Brown, Pvt. Hill, Pvt. McLatchie, Pfc. Irwin, Pvt. Dairs, Pvt. Puibe, Sgt. Spiker, Sgt. Nielsen.

3rd Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. Panique, Cpl. Oertwig, Cpl. Van Skiver, Pfc. Henrick, Pfc. Breedlove, Pfc. Rekow, Sgt. Dohrer, Pfc. Dominquez, Cpl. Clary, Sgt. Hanson, Pfc. Klein, Mr. Templeman.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Smith, Pvt. Huerter, Pfc. Taylor, Pvt. Roberts, Pfc. Brown, Pfc. Maxwell, Pvt. Ditges, Pfc. Funk, Pfc. Moorman.

2nd Row; L. to R. Capt. Murphy, Lt. Karst, Sgt. Peery, Pfc. Schwindamann, Cpl. Herold, Sgt. Alstrom, Pfc. Wenkinhofer, Sgt. Jones, Sgt. Shutt.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Huff, Pfc. Deaton, Cpl. Cornett, Pfc. Powell, Pfc. Harrison, Pfc. Frederich, Pvt. Driskill.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Johnson, Sgt. Bivins, S/Sgt. Drobnak, Pfc. Hollond, Pfc. Stanley, Pfc. Helton, Pfc. Kidd, Pfc. Bush.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. White, Sgt. Basham, S/Sgt. Shuffett, Lt. Mullaney, T/5 Seibert, T/5 White, Pfc. Jemkins, Sgt. O'Neill.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. LaCour, Pfc. Manie, Sgt. Pylant.

2nd Row; L. to R. Sgt. Mouras, Pfc. Grass, Lt. Daunis, S/Sgt. Thompson, Sgt. Patin, Pfc. McCallum, Pvt. Ducate, Pfc. Nugier, Cpl. Breaux, Pfc. McCrocklin, Pvt. Chapman.

3rd Row; L. to R. Lt. Crawford Jr., S/Sgt. Bass, Pfc. Caserta, T/5 Pace, Sgt./S Heard, Sgt. Weeks, Sgt./S Robichaux, Pvt. Oxford, Pfc. Keller, Pfc. Antee.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. Witherby, Pfc. Cotton, Pfc. Soucie, Sgt. Urbanek.

2nd Row; L. to R. Lt. Cote, Pfc. Elder, Pvt. Graffam, Pfc. Mitchell, Pvt. Thibodeau.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Lane, Pfc. Vanness, Pvt. Nores, Pvt. Hardy Jr., Pfc. Schratke, Pfc. Yedinak, Sgt. Cowherd, Cpl. Oren.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. D'Orazio, Pfc. Scott, Sgt. Gallimore, Pvt. Green, Pvt. Parks, Pvt. Dannettel, Pvt. Baines.




1st Row; L. to R. T/5 O'Shea, Jr., Sgt. Lapinskas, S/Sgt. Pazniokas, Cpl. Matson, Pfc. Lutrzykowski, Pvt. Hardy, S/Sgt. DesMarais, Cpl. Babuka, Sgt. DeRosiers, Pvt. Giberson, Pfc. Hubbard, S/Sgt. Czuboyt, Cpl. Taylor, Sgt. Arruda, Pvt. McQuiston, Cpl. Fisher.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Beecher, Cpl. Claneau, Pvt. Chartier, Pvt. Ganey, Pfc. Siemasko, Pfc. Scheurer, Pvt. Preem, Pvt. Smollins, Sgt. Galand, Cpl. Ouellette, T/5 Meisner, Pfc. Sarandis, Pfc. Perreault, Pvt. Eaton, Pfc. Bilodeau, Pfc. Keith, Pfc. Held.

3rd Row; L. to R. Sgt. O'Toole, Sgt. Batal, Pfc. Rankin, Pfc. LoPilato, Sgt. Houle, Lt. Mara, T/4 Raiche, Sgt. McGowen, Pfc. Hannafin, Pfc. Stokowski, Pvt. Symonds, Pfc. Bevilacqua, Pfc. Brock, Pfc. Lavasseur, Pvt. Valante, Pvt. Harrell, Pvt. McKenney,

S/Sgt. Hancly.

4th Row; L. to R. Capt. Bradford, Capt. Doherty, Pfc. Waynelovich, Pfc. Evleth, Pfc. Lacas, Pfc. Harrington, Pvt. Lynch, Pfc. Grant, Pvt. Schlagel, Pvt. Bourdelais, Pvt. Edgar, Pfc. Harris, Cpl. Lemay, Pfc. Lydon, Pfc. Boucher, Pfc. Simcock, Pvt. McGiath, Cpl. O'Reilly, Pvt. Day, Pfc. Nylen, Pfc. Dodge.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Skorupski, Pfc. Johnston, S/Sgt. Lee, Sgt. Polo, T/5 Freeland, Pfc. Price, Pvt. Janas, Pfc. Mierzejewski, Pfc. Quisenberry, S/Sgt. Fay, Pvt. Govostes, Cpl. Van Skiver, Pvt. Stein.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Collin, Jr., Pvt. Hoover, Pfc. Goldsmith, Pvt. Doty, Pfc. Pomper, Cpl. Rawson, Pvt. Denison, Pfc. Curtis, Sgt. Johnson, Pvt. Arlington, Pfc. Szelagowski, Pvt. Radgowski, Pfc. Schultz, Pfc. De'Antonio, Pfc. Strobel Jr., Cpl. McKellar, M/Sgt. Pater.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Girard, Pfc. Keveney, Pvt. Nieradko, Sgt. Gusmonde, Pfc. Donovan, Pfc. Nobe, Pfc. Heffelfinger, Pfc. Kubko, Sgt. Hemenway, Cpl. Wisniewski, Pfc. Howe, Pvt. Johnson, Pfc. Kooiman, Cpl. Syptkowski, Sgt. Schlicker, Pvt. Karbowski, Pfc. Ogen Jr., Pvt. McMahan.

4th Row; L. to R. Pfc. Kustra, Sgt. Germic, Pfc. Behling, Pvt. Cochrance, Pfc. Bos, Sgt. Stuglik, Lt. Mutkala, Cpl. Weih, Cpl. Pagliughi, Pfc. Brenner, Cpl. Smith, Cpl. Davis, Pfc. Larsen, Cpl. O'Donnell, Sgt. Grab, Pvt. Mowatt, Pfc. Hanford, Pvt. Duda.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. McClelland, Sgt. Jub, S/Sgt. Collins, Pfc. Potter, Pfc. Rockensock, Pfc. Breitkreutz, Pfc. Root, Pfc. Fischer, S/Sgt. Bitu, T/5 Scott, Cpl. Fritz, Cpl. Phillips.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Neuman, Pfc. Piippo, Pfc. Jensrud, Pfc. Arts, Pfc. Jozen, Pfc. Armbrust, Pfc. Tuominen, T/Sgt. Deyak, S/Sgt. Doherty, Pfc. Stopera, Pfc. Slowe, Pfc. Pellikka, Pvt. Priebe, Sgt. Carlsson, Sgt. Rogers.

3rd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Holm, Pfc. Wesselman, Pfc. Egger, S/Sgt. Guillemette, Lt. O'Neill, Pfc. Wasson, Cpl. Foster, S/Sgt. Kehneman, Sgt. Finke, Cpl. Smith, Cpl. Forney, Pfc. Peterson.




1st Row; L. to R. Cpl. Kelly, Sgt. Dennis, Pfc. Doyle, Sgt. Young, Pvt. Gallaspy.

2nd Row; L. to R. Capt. Taylor, T/Sgt. Walker, Pfc. Thompson, Pfc. Speed.




L. to R. Pvt. Johnson, Pvt. Turley, Pfc. Le Port, Pfc. Gunn.




L. to R. Pfc. Erdahl, Capt. Mouritsen, Major Knudson.




L. to R. Pfc. Kennedy, Cpl. McVey.





1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Whitney, Pfc. Held, Cpl. Santos, Sgt. Dorsett.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Barbin, Pvt. Hurch, Pfc. Brock, Cpl. Daneau, Pfc. Terris, Cpl. Podsadowski.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Zurek, Cpl. Couture, Sgt. Murphy.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. Targonski, Pfc. Donnelly, Pvt. Annitto, Pfc. Meehan, Pvt. Fay, Pvt. Jeromin, Pvt. Amati, Pvt. Ostrander, Pfc. McNeill, Pfc. Villano, Pfc. Briggs, Jr., S/Sgt. Hadrava, Pfc. Venturini, Pvt. Bealkowski.

2nd Row; L. to R. Sgt. Teffenhart, Sgt. Krajewski, Pfc. Pisano, Sgt. Ford, Sgt. Koniar, Sgt. Hodupski, Pvt. Johnson, Pvt. Spitznagel, Pfc. Mayham, Pvt. Lawson, Pvt. Kennedy, Pvt. Flaherty, Pvt. Hogan, 1st Lt. Attmore.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Gruetter, Pfc. Cicchino, Pfc. Kaplon, Sgt. Klemchuk, Pfc. Miller, Cpl. Morgenstern, Pvt. Albaugh, Sgt. Miller, Pfc. McGlone, Pfc. Baldassarre, Cpl. Buchanan, Pfc. Stampfel, Pfc. Marut, Pfc. Grochala, Pvt. Gerhard, Pvt. Hardy, Pvt. Miller, 1st Lt. Blair.

4th Row; L. to R. Sgt. Pacella, Pfc. Pacella, Pfc. Norelli, S/Sgt. Norelli, S/Sgt. Duda, T/4 Brown, Pvt. Zmuda, Cpl. Kowalski, Pfc. Penton, Sgt. Tamaroff, Pfc. Duchai, Pvt. Martin, Pvt. McCourt, Sgt. Scherer, Lt. Magee.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Markabrad, Pfc. Chavez, Cpl. Foultz, Pfc. Harrison.

2nd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Calhoun, Pvt. Gill, Pvt. Barrera, Pfc. Sanchez, Pfc. Montoka.


NEW YORK- 1st Group


1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Barbero, Cpl. Lovett, Pfc. Ritz, Sgt. Aaronberg, Pfc. Wojciechowsky, Pfc. Tibbetts, S/Sgt. Gordon, Pvt. Zaremba, Pvt. Cesani, Pvt. Batalla, Pfc. Hoysic, Sgt. Tonchuk, Pfc. O'Neill, Pfc. Olas, Pfc. Novak, Pvt. Goonie.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Prendergast, S/Sgt. O'Brien, Jr., Pfc. Boylin, Pvt. Hauser, S/Sgt. Palestino, Pfc. Simon, Pvt. Skinner, Pvt. Renda, Pfc. Collett, Pvt. Moss, Sgt. McKeon, Sgt. McLemore, Sgt. Klemchuk, Pvt. Predmore.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Fremo, Pvt. Sixacuse, Sgt. Targonski, Sgt. Johnson, Pvt. Miller, Pfc. Martin, Pfc. McTarrah, Pfc. Greguski, 1st Lt. Riffle, 1st Lt. Collins, S/Sgt. Queior, Pfc. Struck, Cpl. Shepard, Pfc. Hut, Pfc. Hazarian, Pfc. Kaufman, Cpl. Bassolino, Cpl. Fusillo, Pfc. Nutley.

4th Row; L. to R. Pvt. Price, Sgt. Magin, Pfc. Scheuerman, Pfc. Stuart, Pfc. Smith, Pfc. Massaro, Pvt. Gomes, Jr., Sgt. Levick, S/Sgt. Pucci, Pvt. Camus, Pfc. Pinkowitz, Pfc. Goodyear, Pvt. Howe, Lt. Ewing, T/Sgt. Peterson, Pfc. Salstrom.


NEW YORK- 2nd Group


1st Row; L. to R. Cpl. Jones, S/Sgt. Winig, Pvt. Price, Pvt. Arsenault, Pfc. Gardner, Sgt. Fiorillo, Pfc. Casamento, Pfc. Press, Sgt. Romano, Pfc. Kursk, Pfc. Wainman, Pfc. Lawton, Sgt. Romer, Pfc. Jonas.

2nd Row; L. to R. Sgt. McKenna, Pvt. Jandras, Pfc. Targonski, S/Sgt. O'Brien, Jr., Pvt. Murdock, Pvt. Smollins, Pfc. Harris, S/Sgt. Landes, Lt. DeRonde, Pvt. Adams, Pfc. McNeill, S/Sgt. Syga, Pvt. Thompson, Pfc. Baxter, Pfc. Bolte.

3rd Row; L. to R. Lt. Williams, Sgt. Lennox, Pfc. Kane, S/Sgt. Duke, Pvt. Anzalone, Cpl. Davidson, Pfc. Gallose, Pfc. Bordonaro, Cpl. Parendo, Sgt. Kleres, 1st Lt. Marshall, Sgt. Ostrande, Cpl. Hilt, 1st Lt. Miele, Pfc. Dunham, Col. Nieradko, Pfc. Hammer, Pvt. McTavish, Pfc. Long, Pfc. Burton.

4th Row; L. to R. Cpl. Ederer, Pvt. Placek, Pfc. Clarke, S/Sgt. Amaty, Pvt. McNeil, T/5 Brown, Cpl. Chiwses, Pvt. Golitko, 1st Sgt. Milliken, Cpl. Richards, Pfc. Mnich, Pfc. Wasmund, Pfc. Koxlowski, Sgt. Turner, Pfc. Freihoff, Pfc. Slish, Jr., Pfc. Greenberg.




L. to R. Pfc. Kennedy, Cpl. McVey.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Postell, Cpl. Taylor, Pfc. Warlich, Pfc. Broome, Pfc. Odle, Maj. Stevens, 1st Lt. Foster, S/Sgt. Walters, Pvt. Hale, 1st Lt. Dellinger.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Carson, Pvt. Johnson, Pfc. Spaulding, Pfc. Page, Pfc. Rhea, Pfc. Weatherman, Pvt. Giles, Pvt. Lamm, Pfc. Groms, Cpl. Miller, Pfc. Dillon, Cpl. Robertson.

3rd Row; L. to R. 1st Sgt. Jetton, Pvt. Moore, Cpl. Lothery, S/Sgt. Jernigan, Cpl. Jones, Sgt. Landers, Sgt. Stowe, Pvt. Reese, Pfc. McGee, Sgt. Ballard, Cpl. Cannady,

S/Sgt. Johnson.

4th Row; L. to R. Sgt. Guy, Pfc. Bean, Pvt. Danner, Jr., Pvt. Gatewood, Pfc. Tomlinson, Pvt. Henshey, S/Sgt. McKinney, Sgt. Faison, Cpl. Weigh, Sgt. Weeks, Sgt. DeBerry.




L. to R. Cpl. Scott, Cpl. Johnson, Cpl. Forner, Pfc. Stromme, Sgt. Sander.




1st Row; L. to R. Sgt. Pikutis, Pfc. Sakal, Sgt. Brown, T/5 Keller, Pfc. Neal, Cpl. Cox, Pfc. Kasptisin, Pfc. McMillan, Pfc. Goldsmith, Pvt. Mariscalco, Pvt. Matyas, Pfc. Kacarab, Pvt. Lyncha, Pvt. Price, Pfc. Buchanan, Cpl. Henning, T/Sgt. Horvatich, Pvt. Irvine, Pfc. White, Pfc. Thress, Pvt. Qtat.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Wilkins, Pfc. Hozan, Jr., Pfc. Cimini, Pvt. Johnson, T/4 Fink, T/5 Anderson, Pfc. Giffen, Pvt. Hardy, S/Sgt. Schwab, Pfc. Baatz, 1st Sgt. Geier, Pvt. Smith, Pvt. Turley, Sgt, Gruver, Pvt. Keeler, Pvt. Henninge, Pvt. Unterzuber, Pvt. Stoker, Sgt. Scales, Pfc. Moss, Pfc. Haas, Pvt. Merrill.

3rd Row; L. to R. Sgt. Carpenter, S/Sgt. Hill, Sgt. Murphy, Pvt. Wicks, Sgt. Rose, Pfc. McMillen, Pfc. Majcher, Cpl. Aubry, Pvt. Koren, Pvt. Durbin, Sgt. Gergely, Pfc. Konesky, 1st Sgt. Anthony, Pfc. Stautberg, S/Sgt. Dolosich, Pfc. Maxwell, Pvt. Ross, Pfc. Cress, Pfc. Blackburn, S/Sgt. Berridge, Pfc. Langan, Pvt. Staredt, T/5 Atwell.

4th Row; L. to R. Pfc. Clonch, 1st Lt. Oakley, Sgt. Nader, S/Sgt. Mautz, Sgt. Martin, Pfc. Downey, T/5 Cooper, T/4 Binsley, Pvt. Weese, Pfc. Schultz, Pfc. Sinclair, Pfc. Hollingsworth, Pvt. Price, Pvt. Peach, Pvt. Zore, Pfc. Kacala, Pvt. Lauthen, Pfc. Sanderson, Pvt. Bealkowski, Cpl. Bowling, S/Sgt. Waugh, Pfc. Miller, Pvt. Scott.




1st Row; L. to R. Capt. Bell, 1st Lt. Ferguson, T/Sgt. Genter, Pfc. Peeny, Cpl.Whitewater, S/Sgt. Neal.

2nd Row; L. To R. Pfc. Calvert, Pvt. Maxwell, Cpl. Drae, Pfc. Ruttman, Pvt. Elliott, Cpl. Ellison, Pfc. Cavnar, Pfc. Impson, Jr., Pfc. Thomas, Sgt. Kub.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Berger, Pfc. Gibson, Pvt. Honeycutt, Pvt. Doncea, Pvt. Diew, Pfc. Williams, Pfc. Reed, Cpl. Mann, Pvt. Lackey, S/Sgt. Pickinpaugh, Pvt. Partin.

4th Row; L. to R. Cpl. Factor, Sgt. Wolf, Jr., Pvt. Blythe, T/5 Mills, Pfc. Martin, Pfc. Short, Sgt. Davis, T/4 Scruggs, Jr., Sgt. Earnst, S/Sgt. Sadler, T/5 Robinson.




1st Row; L. to R. Cpl. Palmerlee, S/Sgt. Funk, Pvt. Peacor, Cpl. Bowe, 1st Lt. Weisner.

2nd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Reedy, Pfc. Navell, Pfc. Mahan, Sgt. Munson, Sgt. Ralph, Pfc. Stromme.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. McClure, Sgt. Selage, S/Sgt. Burrill, Pvt. Flynn, T/Sgt. Leechford, Sgt. Gorski, Pvt. Murphy, Pvt. Stoelting, S/Sgt. Rabe, Pfc. Hetrick, Pfc. Scally, Jr., Pfc. Sroga, Pvt. Lyncha, Pvt. Kiser, Pfc. Rickard, Capt. Miller.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Crider, Sgt. Gardner, Sgt. Hanagan, Cpl. Jadach, S/Sgt. Fabrini, Sgt. Krajewski, Cpl. Savitski, Pfc. McDowell, Pfc. Rattie, Pfc. Cirko, Pvt. Benci, Pvt. McKeown, Sgt. Camars, Pfc. Greidus, Pfc. Chonko, Sgt. Prudich, Pfc. Eachran, Pfc. Patterson, Sgt. Quinio.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pvt. O'Halloran, Pfc. Surratt, Pfc. Mirosavljevic, Pfc. Allison, Sgt. Bender, Pfc. Kratzer, Pvt. Hager, Sgt. Freed, Pfc. Adamson, Sgt. Hunt, Pfc. Keating, Pfc. Habecker, Cpl. Gorbsky, Pfc. Rauch, Jr., Pfc. Ballein, Pfc. MacAdam, Pfc. VanDine, Pvt. Gavornik.

4th Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. Kutz, Cpl. Robinson, Pfc. Matier, Pfc. Lohin, Cpl. Rommel, Sgt. Caldwell, Pvt. Richards, 1st Sgt. Milliken, Pfc. Chizmar, Pfc. Kukuraga, Lt. Brock, Sgt. Gray, Pvt. Peach, Pvt. Lelii, Cpl. DelConte, Pvt. Ranbe, Pfc. Quinn, Pvt.Yingst.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Stewart, Pfc. Jackson, Pfc. Brugger, Pvt. Shields, Pvt. Savine, Pfc. Vantasky, T/5 Swaincott, S/Sgt. Bass, Pfc. Dombrowski, Cpl. Clark, Pfc. Maleski, Sgt. Jadick, Cpl. Zinkhan, Cpl. Stephens, Sgt, Goetz, Pfc. Muller, Pfc. Thomas.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Huggins, Pfc. Hodak, Sgt. DeGrange, Sgt. Pittenger, Pfc. Anti Breit, Pvt. Banks, Lt. Kelly, Cpl. Grace, Jr., Pvt. DeMaranville, Cpl. Dongilli.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Grahcem, Pfc. Williams, Lt. Staley, 1st Lt. Zimon, Capt. Conway, Pvt. Martin, Pfc. Dolan, Pvt. Cronin, Pfc. Trusila, Pfc. O'Hare, S/Sgt. Yohe, Pfc. King, Pfc. Porzuczek, Cpl. Larrick, Pvt. Hughes, Pfc. Everetts, Pfc. Bratle, T/4 Fink, M/Sgt. Pater.

4th Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Bulger, 1st Lt. Link, 1st Lt. Hewitt, Lt. Macinko, Pvt. Eagan, Pfc.Patterson, Pvt. Sedinger, Pfc. Henits, Pfc. Dvarscok, Pfc. Markus, Jr., Pfc. Burr, Pfc.Burroughs, Pfc. Hartland, Lt. Miller, T/Sgt. Fennell, Pfc. Rosmus, Cpl. Bradford, Sgt. Williams, Cpl. Shanafelter, Pvt. Saluga.




1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Kingston, Pfc. Lacas, Pfc. Donahue, Jr.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Touryee, Pvt. Brough, Cpl. Bussiere, Pfc. Jennings.




1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Mathis, Pvt. Gainey.

2nd Row; L. to R. Capt. McLain, Jr., Pfc. Harmon, Pfc. Reid, Pfc. Thompson, Pfc. Geltiers, T/4 Buchanan, Pfc. Millican, Cpl. Carey, Sgt. Stephens.

3rd Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. McCarty, Jr., Pfc. Pesanoe, Cpl. Del Conte, Pvt. Hoffman, Pfc. Hylton, Pfc. Cubbage, Pfc. Henderson, Pvt. Daniels.




1st Row; L to R. Pfc. Hawkins, Pfc. Sanders, Pfc. Olney, Pvt. Hoar, Pvt. Crawford.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Arrow, Pfc. Kuper, S/Sgt. Korbel, Sgt. Thompson, Pfc. Wilson.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Tallent, Pfc. Spaulding, S/Sgt. Bryson, Sgt. Miller, Pfc. Woodlee, Pfc. Guenther, Pfc. Samples.

2nd Row; L. to R. Maj. Clark, Jr., Pfc. Atkins, Cpl. Copas, Pvt. Moss, Cpl. Bridges, Pvt. Hunt, Pvt. Fuller, Pfc. Reed, Sgt. Notiboom, Pvt. Bellamy, Cpl. Lundie.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Christian, T/Sgt. Roberts, Jr., Sgt. Lowery, Pvt. McCord, Pfc. McCrory, Pfc. McClain, Pfc. Cox, Jr., 1st Lt. Oliver, S/Sgt. Martin.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Padilla, 1st Lt. Calhoun, Pfc. Zuranec, Pfc. Gooding, Cpl. Brannan, Pfc. Sanchez, Jr., 1st Lt. Ziler, Pfc. Mott, T/Sgt. Porterfield.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. McCarty, Jr., 1st Lt. Horton, 1st Lt. Corder, Pfc. Montgomery, Cpl. Terry, Pvt. Gonzales, S/Sgt. Glass, Pvt. Byers, Pfc. Vela, T/4 Harmon.

3rd Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. Broussard, Pfc. Castillo, Pfc. Gray, Pfc. Foster, Pfc. Macomb, Pfc. Johns, Pvt. Suayze, Pfc. Richards, S/Sgt. Thrash, Pfc. Sommers, Pfc. Wood, Pfc. Thomas.




1st Row; L. to R. Pvt. Roundy, Pfc. West.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pvt. Forsgrin, Pfc. Steadman, Pfc. Coray, Pvt. Richens.




L. to R. Pvt. George, Cpl. Moreau, Pvt. Graves.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Heck, Pvt. Mattox, Sr., Pfc. Norris, Pfc. Fariss, Pfc. Carter, Cpl. Moorman, Cpl. Wingfield.

2nd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Miller, Pfc. Price, Jr., Pvt. Milton, Pfc. Doss, Pfc. Crawford, Pvt. Jennings, T/5 Hamilton.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Neagle, Pfc. Yancey, Pfc. Johnson, Pfc. Vanderwall.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Clark, Pfc. Akins, Pvt. Skeen, Sgt. Vetick, Cpl. Seder.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Moore, Jr., Pfc. Dailey, Pfc. Ferrell, Pfc. Weeks, Cpl. Heil, S/Sgt. Cook.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Basso, Pfc. Shelton, Pfc. Garlow, Sgt. Chafir, Pfc. Hatcher, Pfc. Moore, Cpl. Casto.




1st Row; L. to R. Pfc. Newell, Pfc. Mahan, Pfc. Morris, Pvt. Thomas, Pvt. Martin, Cpl. Smithback, Pfc. Holub, Pfc. Gruse, S/Sgt. Kellner, Pfc. Cram, Jr.

2nd Row; L. to R. 1st Lt. Kalning, Pfc. Patzke, Sgt. Kozlowski, S/Sgt. Juster, Pfc. Gerzmehle, S/Sgt. Riewe, Pvt. Riemer, S/Sgt. Getchell, Pvt. Goeman, Pvt. Van Calligan, Sgt. Gonzales.

3rd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Bushway, Pvt. Dillon, Pfc. Erickson, Cpl. Kais, S/Sgt. Kobleska, Pfc. Durbin, Cpl. Gustavson, Pfc. Belter, Sgt. Rasmussen, Pfc. Blaha, Pvt. Freistedt.




1st Row; L. to R. S/Sgt. Gledhill, S/Sgt. Brown.

2nd Row; L. to R. Pfc. Crozier, Lt. Col. Erickson, Sgt. Nielsen.



L. to R. Pfc. Anamateros, Pfc. McCawley, T/4 Campbell.



Pfc. Rivero













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