Roberts, Fishman, St.  Germain, Hall and unknown, on patrol, Negros, May 1945









































St. Germain, Negros, June 1945





















10 JUNE to 8 JULY 1945


10 June 45: "Company moved by truck to about 10 miles east of TALISAY into a bivouac area."

(Extract - E Company History)


10 June 45"2nd platoon plus one section of LMG's moved to VICTORIAS. The rest of the company to follow tomorrow."

 (Extract - F Company History)


11 June 45:  "Co. entrucked to move and the Co. CP set up in the BAGO village square.  The 2nd platoon, with attached MG, took over guard duties at the BAGO BRIDGE 2 kilo S of BAGO. The 3rd and 4th platoons took over guard duty at the 40th Div ammo dump 2 kilo S of BACOLOD."

  (Extract - D Company History)


12 June 45: "The 4th platoon moved from the 40th Div ammo dump to take up guard duty on bridges between BAGO and BACOLOD.

   (Extract - D Company History)


Periodic Report No. 62, 101500 June 45 - 111500 June 45.


2nd Bn. assumed responsibility for security of communications and supply route from PULAPANDAN to FABRICA. Strong points established at BAGO RIVER BRIDGE, 40th DIVISION AMMO DUMP, and VICTORIAS.


The situation at this time had the 2nd Bn. stretched out over a distance of 60 miles from PULAPANDAN in the south to FABRICA in the north. Not only had companies been split up, but units as small as platoons had been Split up and operations were being conducted with qroups of as low as 12 men, and perhaps even less.  The bulk of the 3rd Bn. is in and around Fabrica. The 1st Bn may be at SAN CARLOS. A future regiment report (dated 17 June) will have "G" Company preparing to move to Dumaguete, which is 125 miles to the Southeast. Small wonder the individual trooper has different recollections of what took place on Negros or of what part he played in the overall picture.


11 June 45:  "1st platoon minus 12 men   . . . set up around MALAGO RIVER BRIDGE . . . . 12 men from 1st platoon moved to IMBANC� RIVER BRIDGE . . . . The mortar platoon set up just outside of BACOLOD.  Second platoon and Co. Hq. set up . . . . in VICTORIAS."

 (Extract - F Co history)


20 June 45:  "Company moved by truck to FABRICA at the north end of the island, and set up camp in houses owned by the Insular Lumber Company.  We were being held here as security for the lumber mill which is being repaired by the engineers."

 (Extract - E Co history)


27 June 45:  "2nd platoon with LMG attached, and working with Filipino regulars attacked a strong point at SAN JOSE. Enemy force estimated to be 200 strong."

  (Extract - F Co history)


The following entry illustrates how difficult it is to keep exact records and how difficult it is, after the event, to bring together discrepancies in record keeping.  It is little wonder that confusion concerning events which occurred in an extended cam�paign such as was waged on Negros crops up at times.


7 July 45:  "At 0730 the Co with attached MG moved appr. six miles S of FABRICA on logging train and stopped at Bn. CP. While stopped at the Bn. CP at the DIANAY BRIDGE, a B-24 dropped a stick of bombs across the area . . . . The Co. moved about 5 miles S of the Bn. CP and set up a perimeter . .

   (Extract - D Co history)


Bill Calhoun believes that this entry misdates the B-24 incident, which the "F" Company history notes as having taken place on 13 July 45.  Bill Calhoun is more probably correct for the "D" Company History itself notes that "(between) 13 June to 6 July 45 Company remained on guard duty at assigned positions." (ie; guarding bridges).  Reports had been received  that large bands of Japanese were coming out of the mountains in search of food and that Fabrica was expected to be one of their targets. There is no way that "D" Co. could assemble on 7 July, move to Fabrica, and be on a logging train moving out of Fabrica at 0730.  Additionally, my own recollection of "D" Company's move to Fabrica had us setting up strong points along the roads leading into Fabrica and being generally prepared to defend Fabrica against any concerted Jap attack. 


Regimental History, Phase X, 8 July 1945, 0800

- Enemy becoming very active at FABRICA. 2nd Bn, moved to the area. 3rd Bn. to follow. Field artillery and mortar to assist.


This may be another incorrect entry, because I believe that most of the 3rd Bn. was already at Fabrica.


10 July 45: "First elements of company boarded trucks and at 1630 hr. headed for move to FABRICA. Due to lack of transportation the move took five hours.  Company intact at 2130 hours and set up in an abandoned warehouse in FABRICA."

 (Extract - F Co history)


It is not known whether "G" Company was at DUMAGUETE nor do I have information as to the disposition of the 1st Bn. at this time.  However, with the move to FABRICA, Phase III came to an end.





























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