503rd Board Meetings


September 2010
Board Meeting Info - Dallas Reunion Meeting

Friday morning, the Board of Directors met.  President Gatewood presented the results of the internal audit of the financial records.  A copy of the letter from the President of the 173d Airborne Brigade Association offering association membership in their organization to 503rd members was read.  President Gatewood read his response to the letter, stating that the 503rd has discussed and voted on joining hands with another ABN ASSOC in years past and was opposed to the idea.  He went on to say that he did not expect it to be any different this year.  The letter from the 173d was discussed by the Board and no action was taken.  A similar letter from the President of the 11th Airborne Division Association offering membership was read.  No action was taken. A motion was made to recommend to the membership to hold the 2011 reunion in the Denver, Colorado area, hosted by Tony Lopez and his family.  Motion seconded and passed.  A suggested 2011-2012 Budget was presented by Nancy Young.  The consensus of the Board was to present it to the membership.  A motion was made to recommend to the full membership to reimburse Nancy Young, Secretary/Treasurer for her reunion expenses.  Motion seconded and passed.  The Board Voted unanimously to recommend to the full membership that Gordon Bates be elected as Vice President.



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