Mail Call


Sandy Ferrell, daughter of Juanita Bartlett called to let us know of Juanita’s passing only five weeks after John’s passing.  Sandy said her folks really loved being part of the 503rd.

Linda Bruening, daughter in law of Ruth Breuning called to inform us of Ruth’s passing.  Linda stated that the Bruenings enjoyed attending reunions when they were able to travel and that she thought the last reunion they attended was in Denver, CO in 1973.

Rita Elwood sent a note with her dues payment expressing her thanks for receiving the newsletter.  She said Dave used to enjoy getting the newsletter and reading about the 503rd.

John Peterson wrote that he turned 90 on July 10th.  He depends on his sons to get around.  He says “after much of doing nothing still bored getting no where fast!” and that getting old is no good.  John and his wife had great times going to all the reunions!

Sandi and Ed Kubicek have been busy making their reunion plans and doing lots of traveling!  They went to Atlanta for the American Theatre Organ Society convention in July.  This month, they and Ken and Emmy Lyle will take a 2 week cruise to Alaska and a land tour of the Canadian Rockies.  They have their reservations for the reunion in September and then they and the Lyles will go back to Branson for a week.  Congratulations to Sandi and Ed who just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary!

Aiko Herzig sent a note with Bill Bossert’s obituary.  She said Bill and her husband, Jack, had been good friends.  Aiko enjoys getting the newsletter as it keeps her up to date on what’s happening.

Marjorie Henninge wrote that she has a box of Jim’s letters that he wrote to her from the South Pacific!  How wonderful that she has held on to them!

Nancy Crase, daughter of Lee Nalbandian, sent a note to inform us of her mother’s passing following a short battle with lung cancer.  Nancy renewed her Associate Membership so she can keep up the happenings of the 503rd!

Roger Storkamp, son-in-law of Richard Leslie wrote to inform us of Richard’s passing.  Richard is survived by 8 children and numerous grand and great grandchildren.  Roger said that Richard began reviewing his war experiences and that he cherished his relationship with his war buddies almost as dearly as he cherished his family.  Richard’s memoire was created by Roger and they sent copies to raffle off at the Reunion banquet.  (Info on how to purchase a copy will be included in next newsletter.)




Kathy Dixon, daughter  of Harry Clearwater wrote to inform us of Harry’s passing.  He had recently moved to California to be with his family.  Kathy said Harry loved the 503rd and shared many memoires with them.  She thanks the vets for their service and friendship.

Helen Baines wishes everyone a very happy New Year and thanks everyone who remembers her husband, MD, as he really loved the 503rd!

Nelson and Phyllis Gatewood had a very busy 2012.  Between their garden, volunteering, Phyllis showing her gourds at shows, family reunions, 503rd activities, Silver Sneakers and everything else they are involved in, they stay busy, busy, busy!!!  We won’t even mention they fact that they are looking into reunion sites for 2013!

Glenn Womack wrote that he has difficulty traveling  and received a  cardiac pacemaker implant last February.  He did not find out about the 503rd until 2004 and wishes he had known about it when he was younger.  Glenn said he served in many Parachute/Airborne units and that the 503rd is the best he served in and wishes everyone health and happiness in 2013!

Eveline Dombrowski, widow of Alex Dombrowski sent a note saying how much she and her daughter-in-law, Fran enjoyed the reunion.  Fran, her husband Thomas and Eveline all hope to made the 2013 reunion.

Sandi Kubicek wrote a note saying she and Ed headed to the Florida Keys early this year and spent Christmas there.  Sandi said she’s never been away from home on Christmas before, so they had their family Christmas at Thanksgiving.  She planned to put a tree up and said there are lots of boat parades to watch.  Ed’s sister was going to spend Christmas with them.

Duane Davis sent a copy of an article to include in the newsletter and was headed out to deer hunt in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Doris LaRue wrote that she and Ed had a great time at the reunion and hope to make the 2013 reunion!

Doc Llewellyn sent a note saying how much he and his family enjoyed the reunion.  He and Peg recently downsized and moved to and apartment.  Doc says they still have the farm and go out there almost every day.  Wishing them well in their new place of residence…

Bev Wasmund wrote how that she had a nice time at the reunion and really enjoyed the Honor Flight trip to the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC.  She said it was a day she cherishes, relives in her memories and it holds a special place in her heart.

Lorraine Blackmon, widow of Howard C. Blackmon had open heart surgery last April and has since lost her eye sight to macular degeneration.  She was not able to attend the reunion and said she would miss seeing everyone.

Frances Smith, widow of Tom Smith sends her best wishes to all of her 503rd friends.  She is homebound and is on oxygen.  Frances misses the fun she and Tom had with the 503rd group.

Merilee Freistedt, widow of Calvin Freistedt enjoys receiving the mailings and enjoyed attending the mini reunions in Phoenix.

Dave “Frenchie” Hazarian had a rough summer and had to get a pacemaker.  He was then able to travel to Canada for Johanna’s grandson’s wedding mid-August and attend the reunion in September.  Johanna, Frenchie, Kenny and Emmy Lyle and Sandie and Ed Kubicek spent a week together in Williamsburg, VA following the reunion.  They had a nice time, although Frenchie had some health problems while there.  Hope he is feeling better now!

Mary Lou Molloy, daughter of Mary O’Boyle emailed to inform us of Mary’s passing.  She said her mother and father loved going to the reunions.

Karen Teffenhart, daughter-in-law of John Teffenhart, wrote to tell us that the Teffenhart family was travelling to Corregidor in August.  She said the Teffenhart clan really appreciates the hard work and dedication of the officers and volunteers that keep the Rock Regiment alive.

Joseph Pace, Jr, sent a note to let us know he would not be able to attend the reunion.  He said he knew all troopers, families and guests would have a wonderful time together.

Alice Cadarette, widow of Wendell Cadarette wrote to inform us of his passing.  She said Wendell loved the outfit and his many buddies in Co B.

Deborah Strassels daughter of Doug Harnish let us know that her dad and mother, Janis, were interred at Arlington National Cemetery on May 3, 2012.  She said her dad was given full military honors and he and her mom are resting in peace together.

Kelly Taylor daughter of Bill Calhoun let us know that Bill took a fall and broke his hip in November.  He required surgery and is in a nursing home at the present time.  His incision has been extremely slow in healing.  Please keep Bill and his family in you thoughts and prayers.

Don Madden, son-in-law of Bob Weber wrote to inform us of Bob’s passing.  The family would like Bob’s 503rd friends to know of his love for them and that the legacy of the 503rd will continue through them.  Bob shared every possible story, talked about each individual and describe every event many times.  The reunions meant a great deal to Bob and he enjoyed each and every one he attended.   Bob was recently honored at a Veteran’s Day ceremony in Riverside, CA.  Bob was in uniform and was recognized in an address that described the efforts and heroics of the 503rd.  Bob’s daughter Shirl was instrumental in having him honored.

Kathleen Neff sent a note with her dues check saying she would really like to make the next reunion.  In the past 4 years, she has had two knee replacements and and then fell and broker her distal femur just above the knee replacement.  She said it took her a while to recover but is walking well without any limp or pain.  Hope to see you in September, Kathleen!

Lorraine Rambo had planned to attend the reunion in September, 2012.  She fell right before the reunion and was unable to attend.  Hope she has recovered nicely…

Happy Birthday, Helene Eggert!  103 years young!

Chuck and Dee Breit called to give information on the Deep South Chapter Reunion.  They had been to see Margee Linton and she had back surgery and got an infection in the incision.  They treated it with powerful antibiotics, Margee was sent to a rehab unit and is now back at home!  We know she is happy to be back in her home…




Helene Eggert, widow of Wilbur Eggert, wishes she was able to attend the reunion.  As she is not up to traveling, she has made a lovely donation to the reunion fund.  Helene and I have talked on the phone and have a nice surprise for our vets and widows attending the reunion.  She recalls the time she was able to attend the reunions and the wonderful memories she has.  Thank you so much, Helene—you will be with us in spirit!

George Lopez, Co D called saying he had just learned about the Association.  We had a nice conversation and I sent him the most recent newsletter.

Ed McNabb, son-in-law of Angelo Bordonaro made contact with us about the reunion plans.  Angelo, too, only recently heard about the Association.

Bill Wasnick, brother of John Wasnick, called to tell us that he has a VHS copy of the Memory Walk that John helped design.  Bill talked of his childhood and his relationship with his brother.  Bill indicated that he would try to send me a copy of the VHS to show at the reunion.

 Looking for Information

Frank Schuhman is looking for information about his brother, Edward P. Schuhman, who was a corporal in the 503rd.  Edward was wounded in his leg in New Guinea, either Nazdab or Noemfor and was evacuated.  If anyone remembers Edward,

Returned Mail

If you know the whereabouts of Myrtle Phillips, Dorothy Delconte or Robert Ziegler, please let me know!

 Arriving in Richmond by Train???

The Staples Mill Road station is the station you are looking for.  Unfortunately, the station is not in the 2 mile radius of the hotel shuttle.  You can get a taxi from the Staples Mill Road station for $35.00-$40.00.  If you are planning on traveling by train, please let me know the dates and times of your arrival and departure and hopefully I can put you in touch with other attendees that are arriving and departing around the same time so that you can share taxi expenses.




Douglas Lary, son of Guy Lary wrote that Guy and Norma were able to spend the summer at the lake in Minnesota, despite macular degeneration.  He said they had a storm sewer back up in the basement in August and a lot of things were ruined.

William Zinkhan III, son of   William Zinkhan II says he enjoys reading the newsletters, since his father passed away.  He stopped and got gas in Ashland, VA!  Next time give me a call!

Nancy Tipton, widow of Jack Tipton is glad to hear the reunion will be held in Denver.  She is willing to help the Lopez family with the reunion.  Thanks, Nancy!  I’ll let them know!

Stan Willner says he is getting older and slower but he still walks a lot and that helps.  He is 87 and looking for 97.

Florence Ando, widow of Andy Ando wishes she could go back to the days when she was able to travel and to have Andy with her.  She is on oxygen, so it is not so easy to get around.  Florence says old age is catching up, she’s getting so slow, but she’s still able to walk.

Aurora McDermott, widow of Joseph McDermott wrote that she and her grown children appreciate the newsletter and the information on fellow soldiers and their families.

Richie Guetter says he is still kicking around but not making too much dust.

Helen and MD Baines really do miss the “reunions” and think about the good times.

Glenn Womack Jr, says his health situation prevents him from doing things he would like, but feels lucky compared to many others. He is sorry he missed the reunion as he really wanted to go to Dallas as he had lived in Ft. Worth several years. Travel is difficult but he hopes to make the 2011 reunion.  He sends a big hello to all 503rd members, and best wishes for good health and happiness in the New Year.

Don Herold wishes he could have made the reunion in Dallas, but has a few health problems and hasn’t been to one since the Hot Springs, Arkansas reunion.

Ralph “Doc” Llewellyn called to let us know that Joe Shanahan has been in the hospital and that Terry Boggs is not doing well.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.



Alan Eaker, son of Maynard Eaker sent a copy of Maynard’s obituary with a note asking that his passing be mentioned in the newsletter.  Alan said that his father attended several annual reunions and remained in contact with 503rd members throughout the years.

Danny Ward, grandson of J.D. Murray called to inform us of his grandfather’s passing.  He would like to continue receiving the newsletter!

Helga Shanafelter wrote that she appreciates getting the newsletters and the new directory.  She also asked that mail be sent to her PA address.

John Teffenhart wrote that he is 90 and slowing down.  His wife Mary is in serious condition, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  John sends his best to all his remaining pals.

Joseph Pace called, asking about the 503rd Membership year, which runs January to December.  We had a nice conversation about the history of the 503rd.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he recently lost his wife.

Janet Mahoney called to say how much fun the reunion in Dallas was.  She also sent me some pictures!

Marv Edwards is having knee surgery.  He injured it right before the reunion and had to wear a brace.  Here’s wishing him a successful surgery!

Harry Akune called to tell about the George Bush Gallery at The National Museum of the Pacific War.  He indicated that there is a special touch screen exhibit on two 503rd members, Ray Eubanks and Lloyd McCarter, who received Congressional Medals of Honor.  Harry also said that there is a room dedicated to those that served in military intelligence as translators.  He has been active in museum activities and symposiums and encourages 503rd vets to send artifacts and memorabilia to the Museum



Kenny and Emilie Lyle are taking their grandsons to Disney World in August AND plan to attend the reunion in September.

Harry Clearwater’s daughter, Kathy Dixon wrote that her dad turned 90 on July 4th, the anniversary of his first jump.  He still lives independently and enjoys hearing the 503rd news.

Betty Turner’s son, James, wrote that his mother enjoys getting the 503rd news.  He and his brother read the newsletter, too.  His father was a supply sergeant in Service Co and also served as West Coast President.

Ted Reedy wrote giving some history on the Northwest Chapter.  I will bring his letter to share at the reunion.

Terry Boggs sent a copy of a poem he believes was written during WWII.  I will bring it to share.  Terry is planning to attend the reunion.  He is fighting stage 4 lung cancer in his left lung.  Please keep him in your prayers.

 Helene Eggert sent a note telling of her husband, Wilbur, helping organize the first 503rd reunion with Joe Shanahan in Cedar Rapids. She recalled attending a reunion in St. Louis and loving the 503rd, the people and the dancing!

Mary Jane Sheehan called to say she wished she could have attended the 173d Reunion in Myrtle Beach.  She said her husband Harold was a color guard to General McArthur.

Susan Denton, daughter of Keith Neuman sent a note to tell let us know that her father is living with her and her husband.  Keith lost his wife of almost 60 years in February.  Susan said his health is declining and he cannot live alone any more.

Doc Llewellyn wrote that he hopes to attend the reunion in Texas.  He plans to bring his daughter Susan, granddaughter Carrie and great grandson.  Doc said Peg’s health has not been good and that will determine whether or not we see him in DFW.

Bob List said that he does not travel anymore, but thinks about the times when he and his wife Helen attended reunions.

Ginny Martin, widow of Fred Martin wrote to tell us of his passing and said that she and her son Dave enjoyed attending the reunions with Fred.

Charlie Broadwell, widow of RE said she was glad to receive the membership directory and keep up with the association.  She misses seeing folks who mean so much to her.  Charlie lost her son in February and asks that we pray for her and her family.

Alan Bennett has been fighting a bout with cancer and is in partial remission.  He and his wife will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary on September 19, 2010.

Judy Clark daughter of Connie Kielsgard wrote on behalf of the family to tell us of Connie’s passing.  She stated that she and her family have many fond memories of the reunions they attended when they were growing up.  She thanks the 503rd for the part you had in their parent’s lives. Her brother Dennis also called to be sure we knew and we had a nice conversation about the 503rd and how small the world is.  I’ll bring Judy’s letter to share at the reunion.

Alma Lamb is trying to get the Purple Heart for her deceased husband, Sergeant Thomas H. Lamb, Rgt. HQ and HQ Co. She asks that you contact her if you knew her husband.  328 Chestnut St., Williamstown, NJ 08094, (856)875-0720. 




Howard Lout and his wife Shirley live with their son, David and his wife in Minden, NV.

Ed and Sandi Kubicek just got home from their stay in the FL Keys.  Paul and George Scheuerman visited them.  They met up with Frenchy and Johanna Hazarian on their return.  Planning to be in Dallas.

Edgar Benton says hello to everyone.  He turns 91 on April 13th and is going for more.

Alton Attaway writes that he is thankful that some of us old codgers are left.  Says he still dreams about his jump on Corregidor in ’45 but only in his bad dreams.

Edward Flash looks forward to the newsletters.  He is doing good, just a little more tired these days.  His daughter, Mitzi Kezar, his caretaker, let us know.

Ralph Vershoor hopes all is well with the 503rd and thinks of it often.

Aurora McDermott wrote a nice note about how much her husband, Joseph reading the newsletter and recognizing the names of people he knew.

Ford Albritton, Jr sent a booklet on the Albritton Tower Carillon at Texas A&M University.  As stated in the booklet, Ford and his wife, Martha “have contributed both time and money to the betterment of the University.”  They have endowed several scholarships and donated a metal “Space Flight” sculpture in addition to gifting the Albritton Tower and Carillon and a fund for its maintenance.  I will bring the booklet to the reunion to share.

Alan Bennett and wife Jean continue to live in New Haven, CT.  They moved to a new house to downsize.  Please note new address in the directory.

Susan Leighton, daughter-in-law of Luther Leighton called to inform us that Luther passed away.  Luther had lived with his son and daughter-in-law for the past 5-6 years.  He celebrated his 88th birthday in January, was doing great, took a nap and didn’t wake up.  Susan and Wayne have joined the 503rd Associate Members.

Robert Armstrong sent copies of his memoirs, “A Small Piece of War” that I will bring to the reunion to share.  He and his granddaughter, Erin, attended the reunion in 2009 Phoenix, AZ.  Says he will not be able to attend the 2010 reunion as it gets tougher to travel these days, but sends his regards to everyone.

Philip Grass  writes that his wife, Penny is in a rehab-nursing center in Lake Charles, LA.  He will try to make the 54th Reunion in September.

Stan Taylor’s wife, Mauriece wrote that her husband  is 93 years old and has been blind for 5 ½ years.

Allen J. Whitney says he is sorry that he has been unable to attend meetings.

Rod Rodriquez appreciates the great job that Margee Linton did for so long.

Dee Breit called to let us know that Chuck fell and broke his femur.  He had surgery and is progressing nicely. 

Bob O’Connell, Jr. and his family send their sincere best wishes to all the heroes in the 503rd.

Stanley Willner wrote that if his head wasn’t on tight, he’d lose it.

Sally Hovis, daughter of Doc Hovis called to let us know that Doc has been hospitalized since April 10th.  He has had a rough time of it and is currently in a rehab center.  He’d love to hear from 503rders.

Annette Hassell, step daughter of Henry Krajewski wrote to tell us that Henry was knocked down by the wind and hit his head and never recovered.  (See TAPS)  She said he talked about the 503rd constantly!

Doc Llewellyn wrote that he and Peg celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on April 8th.  Their kids had a surprise party for them.  He was so thrilled to see Joe and Kate Shannahan and Sas Mosey who had come to help them celebrate.  Doc said “you could have knocked me over with at feather!”  He’s planning on making the reunion in September with his daughter, Susie.


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