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The Honor Flight Network

As many may recall, at our 2012 Reunion in Richmond, VA, attendees were afforded the opportunity to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington DC, through the efforts of Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia and a donation made to the 503rd by Harry Akune.  The mission of Honor Flight is to transport America’s veterans to Washington, DC to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices.  Currently the program gives top priority to survivors of WWII and any veteran with a terminal interest.  If you know someone who is a WWII veteran and has not yet visited the WWII Memorial, visit the Honor Flight Network online at or call the headquarters office (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) at 937-521-2400 for information on how to make it happen!

Bits and Pieces from the Reunion

The 56th reunion was held in Richmond, VA.  Nancy and Natalie Young served as hosts, along with a lot of help from friends and 503rd members!  The hotel facility was lovely and the staff was very helpful.  Each morning we enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast and our two evening banquet meals were great.  We had  16 troopers in attendance, Tony Sierra, Richard Leslie, Russ Nelson, Paul Scheuerman, Nelson Gatewood, Donovan Wasson, Kenneth Lyle, Cecil Duquesne, Robert Weber, Anthony Cicchino, Doc Llewellyn, Joe Shannahan, Frenchie Hazarian, Gordon Bates, Lloyd LaRue and Anthony Bodonaro (a first timer!).  Our widows were out in full force, as well, with Edna Pittenger, Sara Mosey, Beverly Wasmund, Sandi Kubicek, Jean Lohin, Mary Jane Sheehan (a first timer!), Eveline Dombrowski, Gene Oakey attending.

Our “big” excursion took place on Thursday when we took 2 buses to Washington, DC to visit the World War II Memorial.  We are extremely grateful to Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia for sponsoring our trip.  Each veteran and widow was assigned a military guardian for the trip.  We toured Arlington Cemetery and watched the changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Then we were treated to nice lunch at the Knights of Columbus Lodge.  Next we went to the WWII Memorial and the Korean War Memorial.  We even had a police escort!  It was a wonderful trip!!

Friday was a busy day with our board meeting and general membership meeting.  Dinner on Friday night was followed by a lively game of BINGO, complete with prizes, led by the grandchildren of Tom Young.  As always, there was lots of visiting and fun taking place in the Hospitality Room!  Our Saturday night banquet was highlighted by several activities.  Our keynote speaker was Matt Hartman who organized our Honor Flight trip.  He spoke about the mission of the Honor Flight organization, showed a DVD of pictures from our trip and presented us with copies of the DVD and Honor Flight jackets.  What a treat!  Susan Marr auctioned off a large stone marker with the 503rd emblem on it that Suzanne Pittenger-Slear won.  Susan donated the proceeds of the sale to the Honor Flight.  Saturday night’s banquet attendance hit close to  100, including our Honor Flight and Color Guard guests. 

Sunday morning, we bid each other farewell until next year.

Special thanks go to all of those family members, caretakers and friends who attended with a loved one or just because they love the 503rd!


20 November 2010
Bits and Pieces from the 2010 Reunion

The 54th reunion was held in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  Marvin Edwards and his wife Carol served as our hosts and did a wonderful job!  The hotel facility was lovely and the staff could not have been friendlier and more helpful.  Each morning we enjoyed a delicious hot breakfast from the breakfast bar, and the two evening banquet meals were great!  Our numbers continue to dwindle, but we still had approximately 42 attending the reunion.  We had 14 troopers in attendance, Burl Martin, Bill Calhoun, Richard Leslie, Nelson Gatewood, Tony Sierra, Russ Nelson, Paul Scheuerman, Gordon Bates, Bob Wagner, Bill Walker, Chuck Breit, Frenchie Hazarian, Fred Stabenow and Tony Lopez.  Of course, let’s not forget our widows, Ruth Castillo, Sas Mosey, Sandi Kubicek, Bev Wasmund, Elmae Dugas, Edna Pittenger and Jean Lohin who had a great time visiting and catching up!

 Our Saturday night banquet was highlighted by a lively auction of 503rd nail head plaques donated by Sas Mosey, a wooden engraved Airborne plaque donated by Terry Boggs and a Born to Be an American, 503rd Airborne plaque donated by Yolanda Goad, daughter of Tony Lopez.  Special thanks go to our auctioneer, Janet Mahoney, and our high bidders, Fred Stabenow, Burl Martin, Caffery Dugas, Nelson Gatewood and Yolanda Goad.

 We had two excursions while in the DFW area.  On Thursday, a group went to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, highlighting the life, death, times and legacy of President John F. Kenney.  It had a wonderful exhibit.  The taxi rides home may have been the highlight of the trip with 2 taxi drivers arguing over who takes the group and another taxi taking the group to the wrong Wyndham Hotel.  It was an adventure, to say the least!!  Saturday’s trip to Grapevine Mills was considerably calmer and everyone had a delightful time being able to shop ‘til they drop!  As always, we so appreciate the family members, caretakers and everyone else who attended the reunion with a loved one as well as those who attend because they love the 503rd!!

 Sunday morning we sadly bid each other farewell until next year…



The 503d Heritage Battalion and its website:

Paul Whitman, the webmaster is looking for folks with direct lineage to the 503rd WWII.  He would like to get them actively involved in the 503rd Heritage Battalion.  Please let me know if you can help in this capacity.

The website is great!  If you haven’t checked it out, you need to!  We have had several people who have found out about the 503rd and contacted us as a result of going to the website!  Thank you, Paul, for all you do.



The Pacific War Museum

Thanks to Sandi and Ed Kubicek, who visited the museum, I am in contact with the museum!  As soon as I figure out how to scan the information that has been sent by various members of the 503rd, I will be sending a package to the museum.  If anyone has 503rd memorabilia or artifacts to donate to the museum, please send them to me.   You may recall that its 2009 meeting, the 503rd voted to donate the banners, flags and memorabilia to the Pacific War Museum.



10 September 2010
Medal of Honor to a member of the 503d Lineage

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, 2010 – The Medal of Honor will be awarded for the first time to a living veteran of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, White House officials announced today in a written statement. Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta is to receive the nation’s highest award for his service and extraordinary bravery in battle. The event occurred Oct. 25, 2007, in eastern Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley. Giunta was a specialist at the time and rifle team leader. He served in Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, based out of Vicenza, Italy. (See More)



14 August 2010
Quick report from attendees of 173D Airborne Brigade Reunion…

As you may recall several 503rd members were honored guests at the 173D reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Margee Linton said that the 503rd has never been honored like they were.  Paul Hinds felt like a celebrity and thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, entertainment, food and events.  We look forward to hearing more about their experience in Dallas!



2-6 June 2010
503rd Members feted as special guests at the 173D Airborne Brigade Reunion

What began as an idea to showcase the 503rd PRCT in the April edition of 2/503d Vietnam Newsletter has grown to several of our members attending the 173D Reunion in Myrtle Beach, SC, June 2-6!  The May edition of their newsletter gives bios of:  Chuck Breit; John Cleland; Paul Hinds; Charley Hylton; Sleepy Linton and Chet Nycum. Chuck, John, Paul, Charley and Chet will participate in an interactive presentation called “Operation Corregidor” on Friday, June 4, 4:00-5:30 p.m.  Dee, Clara (I think), Ginny, Edith, Margee Linton and other family members will be accompanying the men to this reunion.  This opportunity was made possible by Lew Smith, editor of the 2/503d Vietnam Newsletter as well many members of the 173d who have given financial support to make this happen!  Thank you, Paul Whitman, webmaster of the 503rd Heritage Battalion, for putting Smitty in touch with us!  Those attending will have lots to share with us and we look forward to hearing about their trip!  




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