503rd Membership Meeting


Board Meeting and Membership Meeting Info

Friday morning the Board of Directors met.  Nelson Gatewood informed the Board that Bill Calhoun was unable to attend the reunion for health reasons.  Nelson Gatewood presented the results of the internal audit of the financial records.  Lloyd LaRue reported that he had made contact with the editor of The Static Line and they are no longer in operation.  It was asked that the 503rd members be made aware of the Static Line’s defunct status.  A motion was made to recommend to the membership that the Secretary/Treasurer be paid of stipend of $3,600.00 per year.  Motion seconded and passed.  A motion was made to recommend to the membership that Tony Sierra be nominated as President-Elect.  Motion seconded and passed.  A motion to recommend adoption of the 2013-2014 budget was made, seconded and passed


The annual business meeting of the 503rd was held Friday afternoon.  The recommendations of the Board of Directors were approved by acclamation.

******Newsflash******It is our understanding that The Static Line is no longer in operation and has gone out of business.




Our good looking group of 503rd veterans!




Our lovely 503rd widows!



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