Al McGrew
with Paul Whitman





Amid Th' Encircling Gloom
Corregidor and Survival

By Al McGrew with Paul Whitman

"Corregidor is where I sit and hear the voices of my young friends and colleagues. It's where I sit amidst the broken-down ruins of my youth, America's naive youth, and see in my mind's eye no ruins at all."

Al McGrew experienced, achieved and survived something extraordinary, when others around him did not. He didn't write this book as a memoir, but to relate the experiences of those of his contemporaries who did not survive. When all around him the world was going to hell, he was fortunate to remain in the calm eye of the storm. They may be his memories,  but they surely are our treasure.

Travel with Al though his wartime experience full circle from Columbus Ohio, to Angel Island and beyond - into the historic locations of Corregidor, Bilibid Prison, Cabanatuan III POW Camp, Pasay School, Nichols Field, the Hell Ship Noto Maru, Moji and Omori camps in Japan, and then home at last! 

The book's 240 pages are 10 x 8 inches (25cm x 20cm) and are comprehensively illustrated with full color photographs of Corregidor Now battlefields, its historic pre-war buildings and scenery, and numerous artifacts. Also featured are the series of four POW drawings by Spencer Bever, Al's childhood friend, who with Al signed on for adventure and excitement - only to collide head first with the Great Pacific War. These poignant sketches, made at the risk of severe beatings, record the life and circumstances of the prisoners' at the Pasay School and their back-breaking years digging away a hill where the second runway of Manila International Airport now stands.

The book is professionally printed by a "print upon demand" company on high quality paper and its selling price reflects its 240 page size, printing and production costs and our 'not for profit' status. We remain a donation based website.

The book is available both in Hardcover and Softcover.

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