Moments in Passing - The 503d PIR in Australia & New Guinea
Paul F. Whitman

This is a pictorial publication about the rights of passage endured by the men of the 503d PIR during their time in Australia and New Guinea, as seen through a selection

Being the "purveyor" of a website about the 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, I have acquired a number of images from a number of collections. As much as I believe in websites as the educational resource of the future, and have published the images "free to air", there's something sensual - and reassuringly permanent - about the feel of a book that I can't resist. Thus I am featuring the individual collections in their own publications. This is the second of the current series.

This book contains only a selection from the collection of images in the possession of Chet Nycum, of 3rd Platoon, "G" Company, 503d PIR. The images aren't all his, though many are. The ultimate photographers of many of the images are lost in the mists of time, or in this case perhaps, the fog of war. Essentially, this is a collection of the way that the paratroopers' see themselves. Many of the images were included in a larger collection which appeared from time to time at reunions of the 503d PRCT. Even at the reunions, many of the images lacked for any type of caption or identification.

In compiling and editing this volume, I determined that this not be a book about the war as much as it is about the faces of the young paratroopers who volunteered to fight it. Those faces express the freshness of their youthful naiveté and inexperience, the hopes and dreams of their future days still writ large in their eyes, and their fears quietly suppressed in a air of bravado. Then, after their New Guinea experiences have conferred upon them their moment in passing, you can witness their passage towards being a combat veteran. The boy is now gone and the Paratrooper remains.

This publication reflects our contribution towards the preservation of the 503d PRCT Heritage, so that people may have a greater appreciation of the WWII experience in the SWPA, of the men who made it, a contribution which has been largely ignored by the Eurocentric historic mainstream.

The book is professionally printed by a "print on demand" company and its selling price reflects printing and production costs and our 'not for profit' status.

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